What Should an Accurate Roofing Estimate Include?

Whether your roofer hands you a handwritten estimate or a folder containing printed materials, you should be confident that the information in the estimate is accurate and meets your needs. It’s important to know what the roofer is promising and that the costs are transparent and easy to understand. This will make it easier for you to review and compare. Most importantly, you should never hire a roofer who hasn’t inspected your roof and provided a clear and thorough estimate for their work.

New roof on a single family two story home.

Scope of Work and Timeline

Your new roof estimate should include an accurate description of the work that needs to be completed for the job. Make sure to look for details such as removal and disposal of existing roofing materials, roof installation, and cleanup. The work should be based on an approximate timeline that includes allowances for factors beyond anyone’s control, such as the weather. Your roofer should be able to give you a reliable timeline for completion of the work under ideal conditions and discuss what will happen if there is an unforeseen delay.

Warranty, Guarantees, and Expectations

Your roofing estimate should also include any craftsmanship warranty or workmanship guarantees offered by your roofing contractor. Generally speaking, every roofing contractor should be able to back their work with a guarantee and many roofing materials include their own limited or lifetime warranties. Your new roof estimate should also include the expectations of your roofer’s work, including that your roofer and their team will not damage your home due to negligence or poor workmanship, and that they will haul away any old roofing materials, provide cleanup after the job is completed, and any other expectations you should have of their professionalism and workmanship.

Costs and Provisions

Check your new roof estimate for a detailed list of costs, including:

  • Materials, including roof coverings, drip edges, flashing, gutters, ventilation, underlayment, nails, etc.
  • Removing and hauling away old roofing materials
  • Dumpster rental for old materials and heavy equipment
  • Labor, including subcontractors used by your roofing contractor

Insurance and Licensing

It’s important to hire a licensed and insured roofer. Ask for proof of the roofer’s license, liability insurance, and worker’s compensation insurance along with your new roof estimate. This will prevent you from getting stuck with the bill in case of an accident or if any damage occurs to your home during the roofing project.

Payment Terms

Your new roof estimate should clearly define which parties are responsible for each part of your roof replacement. For example, if your roofer hires subcontractors, the roof estimate should detail who those subcontractors are, what their responsibilities are, and that they’ll be paid by the roofer and the cost will be included in your new roof estimate. Terms of payment, including whether your insurance will be billed or whether you’ll be paying out of pocket, should be clear and easy to understand. Payment terms should also include options for down payments, progress payments, end payment, and available payment methods.

Exit Clause

An exit clause should also be included in your new roof estimate which clearly outlines when the job can be terminated by either party. It should list the exact reasons why you or the roofing contractor can terminate the agreement without penalty if the terms of the contract are violated.

Once you receive a few estimates, you can hire the best roofing company based on quality rather than which one offers the lowest price. Armorvue Home Exteriors has been installing roofs in this area for decades, and we’d love to talk to you about new roofing options for your home. Contact us today for a virtual appointment.


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