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You might not think much about your home’s siding, but it plays a crucial role in both the aesthetics and functionality of your exterior. High-quality siding is essential as it resists damage from debris, water leaks, and sun exposure. Investing in high-quality siding ensures better protection and longevity for your home.

As a result, it’s more likely to experience wear and tear as well as fading over time. When you do notice that your siding is worse for wear, it is important that you invest in quality home siding replacement. In fact, not only is high-quality siding more resistant to damage, but it also tends to be much more energy-efficient.

Poor quality siding often allows air to infiltrate into the home while also letting the air your HVAC system produces escape out of it. 

Save money on energy costs when you invest in energy-efficient replacement siding for your home. ARMORVUE Exteriors has experienced siding contractors the Toledo, OH and Southeastern Michigan area, offering professional home siding replacement using premier products. 

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Our ARMORVUE Siding Products and Installation

The following are some of the benefits of having siding contractors from ARMORVUE Home Exteriors install vinyl siding on your home:

  • Durability – You can often tell a lot about the quality of a product by the warranty offered. It’s obvious that ARMORVUE believes in its vinyl siding product since we back it up with a lifetime limited warranty. One of the main reasons why our vinyl siding is so durable is due to the TriBeam system, which provides exceptional rigidity and resistance to damage caused by high winds. Finally, the use of TrueShield impact modifiers helps make the siding more resistant to impact damage.
  • Moisture Resistance – Our vinyl siding is made with PureStrength vinyl resin, which provides strength and weather resistance. The resin helps to prevent moisture infiltration caused by humidity and rain, thereby preventing shrink, swell, rot, and warp to the panels.
  • Sustainability – If you’re looking to reduce the impact that you have on the environment, then you’ll want to choose a siding product that is sustainable. Vinyl siding is much more sustainable than many other siding options. For example, brick siding has five times more of an environmental impact than vinyl, while fiber cement has three times the environmental impact than vinyl. Its sustainability comes from the fact that there’s almost no manufacturing waste involved, minimal installation scrap, and the transport of vinyl siding is more fuel-efficient too.
  • Curb Appeal – ARMORVUE’s Premium Vinyl Siding comes in a wide range of colors, allowing you to match the design of your house for maximum curb appeal. The color of your siding will last for a long time as well due to the use of Ti-Shield titanium dioxide, which prevents ultraviolet degradation, and DesignersChoice pigment concentrates, which help produce uniform colors that go clear through the panels.

Home Siding Replacement Installation

Not only do we carry high-quality siding products, but we also provide experienced home siding replacement in the Toledo, OH area. Our siding installers are highly trained and experienced, which means that you can rely on us to provide high-quality siding replacement installation.

For more information about our siding products or our home siding replacement and installation services, contact us at ARMORVUE Home Exteriors today. We are proud to be your go-to siding company in the Toledo, OH region!

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ARMORVUE siding is proudly made in the USA. We stand by our products and ARMORVUE siding comes with a limited LIFETIME TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY.

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