Low-Maintenance and Efficient Glass Block Windows

What Are Glass Block Windows?

When it comes to the windows used in home construction, the majority of them are built with traditional glass panes. For a window option that’s slightly more unique, we recommend glass block windows. Glass block windows are much thicker than traditional glass panes and appear like a series of glass blocks that make up the window; however, they are still installed in the same way as a traditional window — surrounded by a window frame.

The Benefits of Installing Glass Block Windows

Glass block windows have a very specific aesthetic that isn’t for everyone. However, there are a number of benefits should you decide to use glass block windows in your home. These include the following:

  • Durability – Glass blocks are very thick, which means that they are more durable than traditional window panes. Whereas a traditional window can easily be shattered with enough force, a glass block window is much more likely to withstand impact damage.
  • Security – Besides the fact that you can’t break through a glass block window, they also cannot be opened. This means that they are one of the most secure window options on the market.
  • Privacy – Because of how thick glass blocks are, they will obscure the view inside while still letting in plenty of light.
  • Optional vents – Glass block windows can be installed with either a vent for air circulation say for a bathroom or basement, or a dryer vent for a laundry room.
  • Energy efficiency – The thickness of the glass blocks means that air won’t be able to get through the same way that it can through single panes of glass.

As you can see, there’s a lot to like about glass block windows. For information about our glass block window products or our glass block installation services, contact us at ARMORVUE Home Exteriors today.

Our Commitment to Excellence

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