Can I Make Home Improvements in Winter? 

Can I Make Home Improvements in Winter? 

When it comes to booking a winter installation in Ohio, some homeowners wonder whether the timing is right. Should they make the improvements during the cold season or postpone the project to warmer months? 

The Winter Season Can Be the Perfect Time to Make Home Improvements

Most people assume that replacing their windows, doors, siding, or other home improvements is a project for warmer months. But did you know the cold season can be the perfect time to get the job done?

The winter is the best time to identify leaking windows and doors, siding that doesn’t insulate properly, or any other gaps in your home. Fixing the issues can help you start saving on energy bills this winter season. 

Replace Leaking Windows and Doors to Avoid Winter Drafts and Save Big on Energy Bills

Winter in Ohio is brutally cold. During this season, you just want to relax at home and stay warm. Sounds comfortable, right? But good luck achieving that in a house full of drafts. 

Drafts, also known as air leaks, can be the worst nightmare during cold months. Besides making your home uncomfortably cold, drafts can hike your energy bills as they make your heating system overwork to keep your home warm. 

Replacing leaking windows and doors prevents cold air from infiltrating your home and ensures warm air doesn’t escape outside. That way, your heating system won’t overwork to warm your house, ensuring energy efficiency. According to the U.S. Energy Department, reducing drafts can cut your energy bills by up to 20% per year. 

Installing windows that bring in more natural light reduces your dependence on artificial light. This further reduces your energy bills.

Replace Your Home’s Siding with Energy-Efficient Insulation

The cold season can drive up costs if you don’t ensure your house is adequately insulated. Poor-quality siding allows cold air to enter your home and warm air to escape. Investing in an energy-efficient siding replacement can reduce your energy bills. 

And the good news is that it’s never too late to improve your home, even if winter is already here. With the current high energy cost, it’s wise to resolve any insulation problems right now and start saving this winter. 

If you notice a persistent draft, the indoor temperature noticeably changes, or your home’s walls feel cold when touched, you probably need to upgrade the insulation this winter. A siding replacement expert from ARMORVUE Home Exteriors can help you choose and install the right product for your siding to provide the best insulation. 

The cold months might not seem the right time to make home improvements. But you’ve seen the energy-saving benefits yourself. 

Making Home Improvements This Winter Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The more efficiently energy is used, the less is wasted, which reduces emissions. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), using power more efficiently reduces the necessary fuel to produce electricity and minimizes the amount of greenhouse gasses emitted. 

Replacing faulty siding products increases insulation and reduces the energy needed to heat your home. Installing insulated doors and windows (that allow more natural light) eliminates winter drafts that usually drive up energy usage. Eventually, you minimize your energy expenditure and lower your carbon footprint. 

Yes, You Can Make Home Improvements in Winter

The business of improving your home is a year-round thing. You can do it in winter, fall, spring, or summer. Winter-proofing your windows, doors, and walls ensure a tight seal as well as perfect insulation to maintain warmth and comfort in your house. As a result, you minimize energy costs by reducing the needed electricity to heat your home. 

Contact ARMORVUE Home Exteriors for Professional Home Improvements in Ohio

ARMORVUE Home Exteriors offers quality window, doors, siding, and roofing to insulate your home against cold temperatures and save money on energy and heating. 

Our qualified and experienced experts will ensure the job is done correctly.  Call us or fill out a form on our website to book an in-person or showroom appointment. 



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