Questions to Ask a Roof Contractor Before an Estimate

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It’s easy to find a roof contractor online, and many are competing for your business. While this sounds like it will benefit you as the consumer to secure the best price, in reality it can make things a little more complicated. With so many options, how do you know which company is the right one? It can be confusing to even know what questions to ask. When researching roof contractors, make sure you are asking the right questions, even before you get your estimate.

What Will My Estimate Involve?

Ask your roof contractor what their estimate will entail. Will they need to go inside your home? Will they need access to your attic? Most roof contractors need to look for signs of water damage or rot, and they will generally need to use your attic space to confirm what’s going on under the current shingles. If a roof contractor wants to skip this step, it’s not a good sign.

What Insurance Do You Carry as a Roof Contractor?

Your roof contractor should be licensed and carry both workman’s compensation and general liability insurance. Workman’s compensation insurance covers the workers and any injuries they may sustain on your property, and general liability insurance covers your actual property. Roofing does carry some risks, and you need to make sure you are protected. A good roof contractor will not only carry both along with their license but will provide documentation to you.

Will You Remove My Old Roof? What Will You Do with that Refuse?

Roofing layovers are generally not good practice, and any roof contractor who is willing to do it, especially without doing a complete inspection, is probably not the right contractor for you.  Although removing and replacing the roof is a bigger investment initially, it will last much longer. Your roof contractor should look at your roof before making their final recommendation, but most roof contractors will recommend removing. If so, they should do all the clean-up for the removal, as well as provide a container for the refuse.

What Will the Process Look Like?

This may involve several questions that may not show up in your written estimate but are important to know before selecting who will be working on your roof. It’s important to know how the roof contractor will handle inclement weather. Most will cover the work with something, but it’s important to verify that your home interior will be protected. It’s also worth asking what will happen if the poor weather extends for several days, and if someone will come out and ascertain that the covering is holding. You’ll also need to know how the roof contractor plans on protecting your landscaping, or if there will be someone on the job site daily who can communicate with you if you have questions. Ask the roof contractor to walk you through what the job will look like from start to finish.

When making a major investment on your home, it’s important to get it right. Knowing the right questions to ask can provide you with the confidence that you’ve chosen the right company for the job. With decades of experience and a high standard of customer service it goes without saying that we share a common goal with homeowners: We want to turn your home improvement ideas into reality. Contact us today for a free estimate on a new roof for your home.


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