How to Estimate the Cost of a New Roof

When homeowners are looking into a new roof, the most important piece of information they want to research is how much it will cost. When it comes to installing a new roof, there are many factors that go into determining the cost, making a simple formula nearly impossible. You may not find a formula online, but you can look at the different factors that go into a new roof installation to get an idea of where your home may fall in the range of replacement costs.

Single family house with unique roof angles and pitches.

Size of Your Roof

Obviously, the size of your roof makes a big difference. A smaller roof will be less expensive to replace than a larger one. However, that means the surface area of the roof, not necessarily the square footage of your home. Roofs are measured in roofing squares. A roofing square is 100 square feet. Roofing materials are sold by roofing square, not square foot. The more roofing squares, the more materials and labor will be needed to get the job done.

Pitch of Your Roof

If the pitch of your roof is steep, it will add to the cost of your new roof. When roofers are working on a steep roof, they will need additional safety equipment and it will take additional time to complete safely. If your roof has peaks, valleys, multiple chimneys and skylights, it will also add to the cost of the project. Anywhere there is a seam, there is potential for a leak, and proper installation is key to avoiding leaks. Elaborate roofs will cost more to replace than simple ones.

Condition of Your Old Roof

Removing your old roof will also come at a cost, and it’s generally not one you want to skimp on. Both the labor and disposal of your old roof will be included in the estimate. If you happen to have two layers of roofing material on your roof already, the removal and disposal costs will be higher. In addition, removal of the old roof exposes potential problems that may need to be addressed before installing the new roof. While this can be an additional cost, these repairs are crucial to the success of your new roof, and sometimes you won’t know about it until the contractor removes the old roof.

Material for Your New Roof

You do have some control over the materials you use, and different materials have different price points. Asphalt shingles are the most popular and most affordable choice,  and are available in many colors and styles. Metal roofs cost more but can last significantly longer. Tiles, wood, or slate will all cost more, both in the cost of the materials themselves, as well as a higher cost for installation. Speaking with your roof contractor about what is best for your region is a good idea.

Additional Factors that May Impact Cost of Your New Roof

There are a few additional factors that could impact the cost of your new roof. If your roof is difficult to access, it will take more time. This is mostly an issue in neighborhoods where the houses are very close together, or if your home is surrounded by trees. If there is an obstacle, it means that the roofing contractor may need more equipment to get the materials and crew to where they need to be. Sometimes homeowners need additional ventilation if they’ve had issues with ice dams or attic condensation in the past. The more complicated the project, the more it can cost.

Speaking to friends or family with similar roof styles and sizes to yours may be a good idea, but really, the only accurate way to get an accurate cost of a new roof is to meet with several roofing contractors to get some estimates. A good roofing contractor won’t pressure you, but will be able to give you an estimate based on the size, pitch, materials, repairs needed, and any other factors that will go into the cost of your new roof. We’re here to help, and we’ve been installing roofs just like yours in this community for decades. Put our experience to work for you! Contact us today for a virtual appointment to talk about getting a new roof installed on your home.


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