What are the Signs That Will Lead to Roof Damages?

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Homeowners often don’t think about their roofs until a major problem presents itself. For example, if the roof begins to sag or a major leak occurs, resulting in puddles of rainwater collecting on the floors of their home. While these are problems that need to be addressed right away, many of them could have been avoided when the initial signs of such issues come to light.

Minor Issues Could Mean Big Repairs

Unfortunately, many homeowners ignore minor issues because they don’t seem like a big deal at the time. The longer you leave even the smallest issues unaddressed, the more likely they are to grow into major problems. With that in mind, the following are seven signs of slight damage that should be addressed and repaired right away to prevent major problems from occurring in the future:

  1. The roof is missing shingles – If you can see that there’s a shingle or two missing from your roof, you might not be inclined to do anything about it, especially if it’s on a side of the roof not visible to the street. At worst, you might view it as a bit of an eyesore. However, even one single missing shingle can leave your roof much more vulnerable to damage. The shingles around it will be more prone to being torn off by the wind. Not to mention that leaks will be more likely in the area in which the shingle is missing. Missing shingles should be replaced right away.
  2. The roof’s shingles are damaged – Shingles that are warped, broken, or damaged in any type of way should be replaced as soon as possible. Not only are they more vulnerable to leaks, but they are much more likely to be torn off by strong winds, which will then leave the surrounding shingles vulnerable as well.
  3. The flashing is damaged or missing – Flashing is what helps keep rainwater from leaking in through the joints of your roof. Even if you think that the missing or damaged flashing isn’t affecting the roof’s curb appeal, or if it hasn’t resulted in any leaks yet, you should have it repaired or replaced. Just because you don’t see any leaks inside your home doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Water damage may be occurring below the missing or damaged flashing, which means that it’s only a matter of time before leaks begin to show up.
  4. There are granules collecting in your gutters – If you spot granules collecting in your gutter system, it means that your shingles are reaching the end of their life. They are going to be more vulnerable to damage and leaks, which means you should think about having them replaced soon.
  5. Moss is growing on the roof – If you see signs of moss on your roof, don’t just assume that the roof just needs a wash and that you can put it off. The presence of moss means that there’s excessive moisture trapped in your roof. This means that there may be moisture building up in the roof underlayment, which can result in serious damage.
  6. There is excessive moisture in your attic – If you go up to your attic and you notice that the moisture levels are way too high, odds are that there’s a leak in your roof that’s to blame. Try going up to your attic during a rainstorm to see if you can find any water leaking in through your attic. There may still be a leak even if you don’t see water physically leaking into your attic yet. You’ll need to have a professional inspect the attic as soon as you can.
  7. Light is coming through your roof – If you go up to your attic in the afternoon and see sunlight coming through your roof, then you know you have a problem. Not only is your roof going to leak if it rains, but the leak could grow even bigger as a result of water damage.

Inspecting Your Roof

These are seven signs that indicate minor damage and that may not be causing any major issues at the moment. However, it’s important that if you notice any of these signs that you have your roof inspected by a professional roofer. Additionally, it’s a good idea to have your roof inspected on a regular basis even if you don’t spot any signs of trouble. Your roof can experience issues that are invisible to most homeowners that you’ll want to make sure you catch before they become serious problems.

Do You Have Questions?

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