What Are the Early Signs That You Need a Roof Replacement?

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Home roof replacement is a significant investment, and a decision to replace or not replace isn’t something you can take lightly. If you ignore the signs that you need a roof replacement, you could end up with expensive repairs on top of the cost of a new roof. Most roofs have a life of 20-30 years, with some able to last even longer, but your roof is also exposed to the elements and subject to damage. By looking for the early signs that you need to replace your roof, you can save a lot of aggravation and money.

Signs of Water Damage

Looking in your attic is a good place to start. Dark streaks and water leaks in the attic are showing you that your roof has issues that need to be addressed. You may hear dripping water in the walls, or notice discoloration. These are signs that water is getting inside. Water damage can lead to mold and mildew, and the damage can be very expensive to repair. If you notice signs of water, it’s time to look into where it’s coming from and how you can fix it.

Looking for Indicators of Mold and Moss Growth

Take a look at your roof. Do you see patches or moss and mold? Once something is growing on your roof (or in your gutters), there is almost certainly a gap where water is entering. If you see patches of green, deal with it as soon as possible. Bacteria and fungi can grow and cause plenty of damage.

Inspecting the Roof for Sagging or Damaged Flashing

The top of your roof should follow a straight line. If there is a sag, it’s a warning sign of structural damage. Sagging is usually caused by water damage, heavy snow or ice, and faulty or old roof materials. Damaged flashing – material around objects on top of your roof, like the chimney or vents – is also a sign that your roof needs attention. If your roof doesn’t look right, get someone out to check for damage as soon as possible.

Debris in Gutters May Indicate Home Roof Replacement

If you notice granules coming through your gutters and downspouts after the rain, it may be time to call a professional. These granules are tiny clues that your roof shingles are weak and nearing the end of its lifespan. When the materials of your roof are breaking down, it’s time for a new one.

When it comes to roof replacement, it’s always better to repair or replace when you first notice an issue. The longer you wait, the bigger the problem – and the bigger the expense to fix. Your roof is important to the structural integrity of your home, and taking care to make sure it’s in good condition will keep your family safe and dry. Contact our roofing experts to talk about a new roof for your home today. We have the local experience and reputation to get the job done right.


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