Double-Hung vs.Casement Windows – Which is Best?

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Installing replacement windows is a significant investment. When looking for replacement windows for your home, there are many decisions to be made. Deciding between double-hung and casement windows can be a tricky decision when it comes to deciding which is best. To make it easier, think about what you want from your new windows. Casement windows can provide an unobstructed view. Double-hung windows are classic and newer technology has made such a difference in ease of function, it really comes down to which you like better, and which fits in with your home’s style.

Understanding the Difference Between Double-Hung Replacement Windows and Replacement Casement Windows

Double-hung replacement windows open and close by sliding on the sash. Some double-hung windows have the ability to tilt for ease of cleaning. In a double-hung window, the screen is typically on the outside of the window. Replacement casement windows are windows that open and close with hinges, like doors. In most models, casement windows open and close to the side with a crank on the interior. When the sash is open, it is held in place with a tensioning device, and when the sash is closed, a latch will pull the sash tight against the frame’s weather stripping. While most casement windows open on the side, casement windows can open from the top or the bottom as well. Screens are on the inside of the window.

Efficiency of Windows

Both windows can be made with double-pane glass, which helps to prevent seal failure. In double-hung windows, the top and bottom sashes fit snugly in the window frame, which limits infiltration of air. Casement windows have a tighter seal when they are locked, since there isn’t a track to slide on. The tighter the seal, the more energy efficient the window is, making casement windows a slightly more efficient option.

Looking at Locations When Installing Replacement Windows

Double-hung replacement windows and replacement casement windows both have locations where they’re the best choice when installing windows. Casement windows are very popular in kitchens, especially over the sink, because of the ease of opening and closing with a crank.

Casement windows are also popular in spaces where you’d like an unobstructed view without a middle sash. Double-hung windows are popular in bedrooms because of the maximum ventilation opening both the upper and lower sashes provide. Because casement open outward, they can be an obstruction near walkways, patios, and other outdoor spaces, making double hung windows the logical choice for areas like these.

Average Cost to Replace Windows

It’s hard to get a good ballpark figure of what it will cost to replace your windows because there are a lot of variables to the job. The price of double-hung and casement windows is similar when looking at the average cost of replacement windows. Depending on the location of your windows and whether or not there is any structural damage makes a bigger difference in the overall cost. Materials, glass, the company you have install them, and other options can also change the average cost to replace windows. Windows of good quality are an investment initially, but are built to last and well worth the investment.

When installing replacement windows, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices. Speaking with a professional can help you decide which windows are best for your home. We’re proud to be a part of this community and with over 75 years of home improvement experience, we are a local company you can count on to get the job done right the first time. Contact Armorvue Home Exteriors today to schedule a virtual appointment with our installation experts! It’s a great time to make some improvements to your home, and some new windows will really spruce up the place. Let’s talk soon.


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