What is the Most Secure Front Door You Can Buy for a Home?

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When it comes to the main entry door to your home, you’ll want to choose one that looks great and is energy efficient. A secure front door will keep you and your family safe, so that should be at the top of your list as well.

Best Front Doors for Security

Materials matter when you’re looking for a secure entry door. Whether you’ve chosen wood, metal, or fiberglass, the most secure doors have a solid core. A solid core door will be much more difficult to kick in or break. If you aren’t sure what kind of door you have, knock! A front door with a solid core will sound “dead”, while a hollow door will echo. A door with a solid core will also provide much more insulation, making it a great choice for more than one reason.

Focusing on the Right Lock for the Right Door

If your lock isn’t secure, your door won’t be either. If you don’t have a deadbolt lock already, get one. Make sure the deadbolt extends fully into the door-jamb opening and is reinforced with a metal strike plate. The deadbolt should feature no exposed exterior screws. For the best security when you’re home, consider a dead-lock, which is a deadbolt with no exterior keyhole. This kind of lock can only be opened from inside your home. In addition to the deadbolt, it’s important to make sure any key locks are reinforced with cylinder guards around the lock. This will prevent the lock from being pried open or otherwise tampered with.

Increasing Security with a Peephole or Window

The final step in having the best front door is having a way to see who is on the other side. Many criminals will knock or ring the bell, then attempt to force entry when you crack the door to see who is there. By installing a peephole, especially one with a wide angle, you won’t have to open the door to see who’s there. You can open the door for people you know or are expecting. You can also see if the person is alone, carrying tools, or looks suspicious in any way.

When it comes to the best front door, choosing one that is secure is important. With all of the options and designs available, it can be overwhelming to decide on the right front door for your home. Let us help! We have decades of exterior home improvement experience and the customer service you’d expect from a local contractor you can trust. Contact Armorvue today for a virtual appointment to talk about your exterior home improvement ideas, and to get answers to all of your entry door replacement questions.


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