Signs Your Roofing Contractor is Taking Advantage of You

New roof on a residential property.

When you’re taking on a roof replacement and selecting a local roofing contractor, there is always a risk that you could end up with a contractor who takes advantage of you. If this happens, you can end up with a shoddy roof and an extra expense. Most of these shady contractors seek out budget conscious homeowners and imply that other companies are overcharging or instill fear that the home’s roof is in such bad shape that you must sign with them immediately. Sometimes these roofers will do fast work with low-quality materials, and sometimes they’ll take a deposit and disappear. Unethical roofers are usually good salespeople, so they can be hard to spot, but there are some signs that tell homeowners looking for roof replacement what they should be aware of.

Too Good to Be True Starting Bid

A roof replacement can be expensive, and homeowners looking for bids may see some variety in the estimates. But a bid that comes in way under is typically a red flag. Sometimes this is because the contractor will use low quality materials, inexperienced workers, and sub-par work. More often, this starting bid is to get you to sign a contract. Once the work begins, “unforeseen issues” will be discovered, materials will need to be substituted, and the too good to be true price will creep up.

High Pressure Sales Pitch

Yes, many contractors will want your business and will sell themselves as the right choice. But a reputable local roofing contractor should encourage you to obtain other quotes, call references, and check up on their credentials. Any contractor who wants you to make an immediate decision and puts pressure on you to sign now is someone who is taking advantage of you-they want you to sign before you realize they aren’t worth your money.

Contracts that Don’t Feel Right – or No Contract at All!

Never agree to start a roofing project without a contract. Before any work starts, you need a clear and definitive contract in place. This protects you with regards to payment, timelines, and will also protect your roofer and crew if something goes wrong. A verbal contract is definitely not good enough and should cause you to run in the opposite direction. In a similar vein, if your contractor presents you with a contract requiring you to pay the entire amount up front, that’s a big red flag. If a contract doesn’t feel right, don’t sign it.

A Local Roofing Contractor Who You Can’t Get in Touch With

Yes, local roofing contractors are busy, especially after a major storm or during the peak months for roof replacements. However, you should still be able to contact them. If a contractor doesn’t return your calls, doesn’t show up when they are scheduled, or isn’t willing to answer your questions, they are not the right contractor for you. If your contractor can’t communicate with you, there is a major risk for dissatisfaction with the job. Look for a contractor who focuses on making each client happy.

Mystery Damage

Maybe your roof just needs replacement due to age. When you bring a roofing contractor out to give you an estimate, he comes down claiming it’s a ticking time bomb with plenty of damage he describes in vague terms. Some roofers may drop by after a big storm, claiming they noticed damage and wanted to “make sure your home is safe”. All this supposed damage that you don’t quite understand may pressure you into making a quick decision. Never trust this approach. If a roofing contractor points out damage that you can’t see, get a second or third opinion before acting on it.

There are plenty of reputable, reliable, and honest local roofing contractors out there. Take your time, get estimates, look for references, and do your research. The time that this may take will be well worth it when you give your business to a company you can trust. Armorvue Home Exteriors values your business and we put our customers first. We don’t believe in pressure sales, but rather an honest estimate with expert installers and high quality products. We have the experience and reputation to back up our decades of service in the area. Contact us today to talk about your new roof or any other exterior home improvement projects you’ve been thinking about this year. We’ll set you up with a virtual appointment and take some steps to bring you closer to your home improvement goals.


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