How to Choose a New Roof Color

Nice neighborhood on a sunny day with blue skies.When it’s time to get a new roof, most of your focus is on finding the right contractor and making sure everything is settled with your budget. But when it comes to choosing materials, you need to think of what color you may want for your new roof. You’re going to be living with it for a long time, so it’s important to choose a color that you like.

Will the Color of a New Roof Affect the Temperature of Your House?

Black shingles can increase the temperature of the plywood sheathing underneath about 10 degrees on a sunny day over white shingles. However, the other shades (browns, grays, reds, greens) made less difference. Overall, choosing a color for heat retention, or a cooler attic, isn’t necessary. If your roof is installed well and the materials used are undamaged, the color won’t make a big enough difference to worry about.

Choose Based on Your Brick First

Paint, siding, and shutter colors can be changed, but brick is often permanent. If your home is brick or has brick features, start by comparing the sample shingles to the brick first. Once you have some options that will complement the brick, move on to comparing the sample shingles to your exterior siding, paint, and shutter colors. Finding complementary colors is key. When homeowners try to match brick or other features too closely, the house can look monochrome and lifeless, or the color choices clash and put a damper on your curb appeal.

Look at Roof Shingles in All Types of Light

As with most exterior color choices, it’s important to look at the shingles for your new roof in all kinds of light. Look at the shingle in the bright sun, the shade, and when the sky is overcast. Place the sample where you can look at all the exterior features together in a spot that gets direct sunlight, then in an area with shade. Look in the early morning and evening to see how the muted light changes the look. Your house will be seen in every kind of lighting, so looking at all your angles in multiple shades will let you make the most informed decision.

When choosing the color for your new roof, it’s important to think of future resale value. If you’re planning on staying put, a bold color can add character, but if you think you may be selling your home before your roof will need replacing again, a neutral color is a smart choice. No matter what you choose, a new roof can add value and curb appeal to your home, protect the structural elements, and increase your energy efficiency. If you’ve been thinking about replacing your roof, now is a great time to talk to our installation experts. Contact Armorvue today for a virtual appointment to talk about replacing your roof, or any other exterior home improvement projects on your list.


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