Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your New Windows

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When you have decided to upgrade your old windows with better ones, you want to feel the impact in their energy efficiency right away. You want to see your energy bills decrease, your comfort increase, and experiencing that change right away will give you confidence that you made the right decision to invest in replacement windows. New windows will inherently be more efficient than the old ones you needed to have replaced, but if you are looking for an even greater impact, there are things you can do to improve the energy efficiency even more.

Prevent Air Leaks

Your replacement windows should be installed well, with no gaps between the glass, window sash, and window frame. If you are unsure, speak to your contractor and make sure that everything was done correctly. However, if after some time you begin to feel drafts, you can reinforce the seal to prevent any air seepage. Caulk and weather stripping should be checked yearly to make sure you have the best seal possible, and those things are easy enough to reinforce on your own.

Install Awnings

Awnings can reduce the amount of solar heat that enters through your windows in the summer months. Western and southern facing windows will see the greatest impact from awnings. You can install awnings over individual windows, or an awning that covers a larger portion of a western or southern exterior wall. Long-lasting awning materials are important. If your area has cold winters, roll-up awnings will allow that sunlight to warm rooms in the winter when you won’t mind a little extra warmth coming through.

Install Window Treatments

Insulated drapes and curtains will make a big difference in energy efficiency in both summer and winter. The thermal insulation in the draperies will reduce drafts and prevent heat from entering or leaving your home. Blinds are also a good choice for reducing heat from the sun but are less effective at keeping the cold at bay in the winter. Quality window treatments are an excellent addition to your new replacement windows.

Choose Quality Replacement Windows

The best way to make sure that your replacement windows are as efficient as possible is to make the right choice when planning your project. There are many options for replacement windows, and the contractor you choose can help guide you toward the best choice that will fit your home, your budget, and your needs. The decision can be overwhelming, so finding the right contractor and company is important. You want to work with a company who has significant experience and training and one that has been in business in your area for some time. A contractor who has been working in your area will know what products work best in your climate. Getting information and advice you can trust will lead you in the right direction. Your replacement windows will make a noticeable difference in energy efficiency, and your contractor can prepare you for what to expect.

Many of these additional tips are inexpensive and will enhance what is already a noticeable difference in the energy efficiency with your replacement windows. When deciding on replacement windows, speaking to your contractor about what else you can do to increase energy efficiency is a good way to start. You will see a difference in your energy bills and feel the difference while inside your home when you make the right choice.Armorvue Home Exteriors has been installing quality windows in the Cleveland area for decades and we want to put that experience to work for you. We are proud to be part of this community and value our reputation in this industry. Contact us today for a virtual appointment to talk about replacing your old windows.


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