How to Choose an Exterior Home Renovation Contractor

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Hiring the right home renovation contractor can be a challenge for many homeowners. If you haven’t had need to hire an exterior home renovation contractor in the past, knowing how to choose one can be an overwhelming experience. When you choose a home renovation contractor, you are hiring an employee for a job. You want to look at multiple options before choosing the best one. Starting with a list of 5-10 is a good way to begin, as you’ll be able to narrow down your list.

Recommendations, Ratings, and Reviews

When you are building your list, start by asking friends for recommendations, especially those who are local and have recently had work done. Use social media to reach out to your community for recommendations. After reaching out to your local community, turn your research online and read reviews on reputable sites. If a contractor doesn’t have a strong online presence, that can be a red flag. A successful contractor will make themselves easy to find and easy to get in touch with, and they will want you to find those reviews.

Confirm Your Home Renovation Contractor’s Credentials

Ask all your potential contractors for their licensing, insurance, and certifications. Make sure any workers and subcontractors will also be covered by liability insurance and worker’s compensation. Most quality home renovation contractors will get this information to you easily. If they brush off the request or stall on getting back to you, it’s a concern. Once you know the basic credentials are in line, check references and ask specific questions. Did the contractor stay on schedule? Were they easy to reach? Were any problems addressed promptly? Did the job come in on budget? Was the job site neat? Were they happy with the finished work? It’s important to get a sense of what the project will look like from beginning to end.

Look at Past Work

A contractor should have a portfolio of the work you are looking for. If you are looking for exterior home renovation contractors, someone who specializes in kitchens may not be the best choice, even if their work is impressive. Whether a contractor shows you physical photos or directs you online, a good portfolio usually includes about ten examples of recent work that is similar to what you are looking for. The project photos should include before, during, and after construction. Most contractors showcase their best work, so if a completed project doesn’t look good to you, consider it a red flag.

Get Multiple Estimates for Your Project

Once you’ve narrowed down your list, get estimates from your final three or four choices. Each contractor should do a thorough consultation, and then present you with a plan and estimated cost. When looking at the bids, look at the complete proposal, not just the bottom line. One contractor may come in with a low price but use lower quality materials and have less experienced workers. Good contractors will not pressure you into accepting a bid immediately. They expect you to be looking at multiple bids. If a contractor offers you a limited timeframe to schedule them, it’s another red flag.

Get Everything in Writing

Once you’ve accepted a bid and settled on your contractor, get everything in writing. This contract should be comprehensive and include timelines, materials, costs, and more. Make sure to review the contract completely before signing. Verbal agreements are a huge red flag. The contract is there to protect both parties, and you definitely want to have that in writing.

By taking your time and doing your homework, you can find a skilled, ethical, quality contractor for your exterior home renovation. Choosing a contractor can be overwhelming, but when you lay out all your requirements, the right company will make itself clear, and your project can get started! We pride ourselves in the reputation we carry as a trusted leader in this industry. We’ve been installing quality exterior home improvement products for decades and look forward to talking with you about your home improvement plans. Reach out to Armorvue Home Exteriors today for a virtual appointment.


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