5 Questions to Ask Before Replacing Your Windows

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Windows don’t last forever, which means that at some point, you’re going to have to replace your windows. This is especially true if your current ones weren’t of the best quality to begin with or are beginning to show their age. As you research your new window options, you’ll want to ask yourself a few questions.

1. Do You Need New Windows?

Before you begin looking at window replacement options, you should determine whether you actually need new windows or not. If you’re constantly feeling drafts by your windows, there’s condensation forming on the glass, or your energy bills are increasing year by year, then your windows are no longer very energy efficient. In fact, you may end up saving money long term by replacing your windows with more energy-efficient models.

If your windows open but you’re having difficulty opening them up or closing them, then a replacement is necessary. Not only do you want windows that function correctly, but windows that aren’t operating correctly can be dangerous.

If the frames on your windows have begun showing visible damage due to wear and tear, then not only are they no longer efficient, but they may not be safe to operate anymore. Not to mention that damaged windows are more prone to water leaks that may cause even more repairs later on.

2. Will The New Windows Reduce Your Energy Costs?

The more energy-efficient your windows are, the less your heating and cooling bills will be. A high-quality window frame will certainly help prevent air leaks, but you’ll also want to invest in windows with energy-efficient glass. As such, consider double or triple glass panes, which help insulate the windows more effectively. You should also look for Low-E glass windows, which help add another layer of insulation. To ensure that your windows are at least somewhat energy efficient, look for the Energy Star label.

3. Will The New Windows Compliment Your Existing Home Style?

Although the efficiency of whatever windows you buy is without a doubt the most important factor to consider, you should also consider whether or not they’ll fit with your home’s existing style. A clash of styles can hurt your home’s curb appeal, which will affect its value should you ever decide to sell. Keep this in mind as you look at the different styles, shapes, sizes, and colors of windows that are available for purchase.

4. How Experienced Is the Contractor?

In some cases, highly efficient windows made out of high-quality materials still end up becoming damaged or inefficient within a short period of time. When this happens, it’s because they weren’t properly installed. The last thing you want is to invest in top-notch windows only to have to replace them within a few years because your contractor did a poor job with the installation. To avoid this, be sure to look into the contractor’s experience and reputation. Choosing a trustworthy and reliable contractor is just as important as choosing the right windows.

5. Do The New Windows Come With a Warranty?

Windows are a big investment, especially if you’re replacing all of your home’s existing windows. To protect against defects in the window’s performance or quality, you’ll want to make sure that there’s a warranty that provides decent coverage. A good warranty will protect your investment. You should also make sure that whatever contractor you work with provides a warranty on their work. This way, you don’t have to pay extra to fix a window that wasn’t installed correctly.

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