Should I Replace My Windows in the Fall?

Many homeowners are overwhelmed by a new window installation. Some homeowners are intimidated by the investment, while others are concerned about finding the perfect time of year. If window replacement requires the old windows to be removed, won’t that allow the cool fall weather to take all the warmth from the house? Isn’t summer the best time for a new window installation? In fact, fall may be the perfect time to talk to a local window contractor about window replacement.

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What Does New Window Installation Involve?

The biggest concern that many homeowners have about replacing windows during the fall is that the weather may be too cool. However, most new window installations do not involve removing all the old windows at once before replacing them. A local window contractor will usually remove windows one at a time, replacing them as they go, which will reduce the amount of warm air escaping the home. The company you hire to install your new windows will most likely take great care to protect your home and furniture from any outdoor mess during your new window installation. In general, a window replacement project will take only a few days.

The Busiest Season for a Local Window Contractor

A local window contractor, like many other exterior home improvement contractors, is typically busiest in the spring and summer. During the busy season, your new window installation may not get on the schedule for quite a while. If you schedule your new window installation outside of the busy season, you will not only get on the schedule much more quickly, but may even get a better deal on your new windows.

Fall is a Great Time to Replace Windows

In addition to taking advantage of the lighter schedule, there are other reasons that fall is a great season for a window replacement. Fall often has the perfect weather for new window installation. The weather will not be too hot or too cool for the materials and installers. The temperate weather will help the sealant process and ensure that the windows are sealed well. In the fall, most homeowners are already preparing their homes for the winter weather and if a window replacement is necessary, fall is a great time to get it done.

Advantages of Replacing Windows Before Winter Weather

When you know you need new windows, it is always best to take care of the project before the winter weather. Drafty windows with inefficient glass mean heat loss and cold drafts. If you put off your window replacement, you could have high energy bills and an uncomfortable home during the winter weather. By installing new windows before winter weather sets in, you will save money on your energy bills and find you will be much more comfortable in your home during the cold weather months.

If you feel like you’ve missed your “window” for window replacement, there’s no need to worry anymore. Fall is the perfect time for a new window installation. Speaking with a local window contractor about what you’re looking for is a great way to get started. Contact Armorvue Home Exteriors for information about getting new windows for your home this season.


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