Choosing the Right Colors for Your Home’s Exterior

Deciding on a face lift for your home’s exterior can be an easy decision, but choosing the right colors can be much more overwhelming. There are so many options, so many nuances in each shade, so many combinations, and you know that any decision you make will be a long-term choice. Choosing the right colors takes time and focus.

Cozy patio with new siding, new windows, and outdoor lighting as the backdrop.

Focus on Your Front Door

Your entry door is the focal point of your home’s exterior. Even if you want a more conservative look for your home’s exterior, your entry door is a place to add a pop of color. For a timeless look, gray, black, and natural wood are good choices. Although you may not think of them as neutrals, navy blue and deep red are also considered classic choices. If you are ready for a change, bright colors are a safe way to make your home’s exterior pop without committing to bright colors on your siding or trim. Yellow, forest green, eggplant, and burgundy are all good choices for a pop of color that will enhance your home’s exterior.

Don’t Forget About Your Windows, Shutters, and Trim

Many homeowners don’t think of windows when considering the look of their home’s exterior. Windows are windows, right? Yet the windows are some of those extra details that can make your exterior colors pop. While the default for windows is white, there are other options. Off-white, black, natural wood, gray, green, and more are all trending and can work well with some home exteriors. If your home is white, a colored window frame will make the white of the house look brighter and cleaner. If you have a vibrant colored front door, white trim will make the door color pop.

The trim and shutters work as accent colors to the main siding color of your home. If you choose to incorporate shutters, they will add another layer to your exterior. For dark colored siding, shutters can be a few shades lighter. If the exterior is light, dark colored shutters work well. Black shutters can make windows look larger and add a crisp, classic look.

Finding the Right Siding

Choosing a color for your siding is the biggest decision when doing an exterior facelift. Windows, shutters, trim, and entry doors are all merely the accents for the primary color of your home, and there are so many color nuances that the choices can be overwhelming. The first thing to do is decide what impression you want your home to give. Classic colonial, coastal, nature inspired, modern, and more all have their own color palettes that work well together. Look at homes and note the aesthetics you are drawn to. Decide if you’d like to be homogenous with your neighborhood or if you want your home to stand out. Think about how much light your home gets. Does your architecture work best with a particular style? Once you have an idea of the palette you like, you can begin to narrow down the choices for your siding.

Let Your Home Improvement Contractor Guide You

When you find a home improvement contractor, talk to them about the impression you want your home to give. Your home improvement contractor will have an idea about what is trending in your area and how satisfied the homeowners are with their choices. If you are looking to list your home, your contractor may guide you in one direction, and if you are hoping to stay, they may lead you in another. While the choice is ultimately yours, let your contractor guide you and help you narrow down your choices.

Giving your home’s exterior a facelift can be a satisfying experience, but making the color choices can be very overwhelming. Give yourself time to consider all your options during the day and evening light, but ultimately, know that with the right home and right improvement contractor, you will be living in a home you love. Contact Armorvue Home Exteriors for answers to all of your exterior home renovation questions.


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