Can You Get a New Roof This Fall?

The days are getting shorter, and even though the weather is still hot, there is a feel of fall in the air. If you were considering a new roof installation but haven’t begun the scheduling process, you may wonder if you’ve missed your opportunity and will need to wait through the winter and put off the project until spring. Even though the summer is nearly over, it is not too late for a new roof installation this year.

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How Roofing is Impacted by Each Season

Since the roof is on the exterior of your home, it is obviously impacted by the different seasons. Most homeowners understand that winter is not the best time to replace a roof. Aside from the potential for snow and ice, the cold temperatures will make the roofing materials brittle, which will impact installation. Shingles may crack, certain tools may not work well in extremely cold temperatures, and sealants will not adhere as quickly. Unless your roof has sustained storm damage, most roofing contractors won’t consider replacing a roof in the winter. In the spring, roofs that are in need of replacement will start showing problems. Leaks become apparent as the weather begins to warm up. However, spring is an excellent season for a roof replacement. Extreme temperature won’t be a problem, and materials will all adhere properly. Summer continues to be a good season for roofing. By the end of summer, many homeowners wonder if they’re too late for roof replacement.

Fall is a Great Time for a New Roof Installation

Even though spring and summer are the busiest seasons for a local roofing contractor, fall is an excellent time for a new roof installation. The weather is often cooler and stable, allowing your local roofing contractor ample opportunity for the job. Without the extreme heat of summer or worry of springtime rain, roofing professionals will have long days to get their job done quickly and efficiently. All tools and materials work well in fall temperatures. In addition, having a new roof installation in the fall means that you will have a new and functioning roof ready for the harsh weather of the coming winter, and that can bring a lot of peace of mind.

Busiest Times of Year for Your Local Roofing Contractor

Your local roofing contractor is likely busiest in the summer. Although the season for new roof installation begins in the spring, many homeowners tend to wait until the summer when the days are long and they finish planning their exterior home improvements. In the fall, your local roofing contractor will find their schedule begins to slow, which can allow you more flexibility in your schedule and a quicker start to your project.

Don’t Put Off Roof Replacement

If you need a roof replacement, don’t put it off simply because you think you’ve missed the peak season. The best time to replace your roof is when it needs it. If you wait too long, you will often need to spend much more money on repairs in addition to the cost of the new roof. Repairing damage to the roof, and the subsequent damage you may incur in your home, is much more extensive than a new roof installation.

Your local roof contractor is the best one to speak to about your new roof installation. They can help you determine the right time for your project and can often help you through the details. Investing in your roof is one of the best things a homeowner can do to maintain their home. We’ve been installing new roofs in this community for over 75 years, and we’d like to talk with you about getting a new roof for your home. Contact Armorvue Home Exteriors to set up a virtual appointment.


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