Choosing the Right Exterior Door Hardware

When you decide to upgrade your home’s exterior with an entry door replacement, you may only be focused on the door itself. Since the entry door is the first impression every visitor to your home will experience, entry door replacement does require careful thought. Color, material, and style are all important, but choosing the right exterior door hardware is another decision you will need to make during entry door replacement.

Contractor installing a new front door with new hardware and lock.

Types of Exterior Door Hardware

When choosing your exterior door hardware, you will typically need to consider:

  • Deadbolt Locks: these locks secure the door with a bolt that anchors the door to the frame and they rely on the strength of the door paneling. They can be incorporated into a door knob or handle or installed independently.
  • Door Knobs: classic door knobs have a rounded handle to release a latch between the door and the door jamb.
  • Door Levers: door levers are considered more stylish, and only a 90 degree turn is required to release the latch. These are often easier for those who may have difficulty grasping a knob.
  • Handlesets: Handlesets incorporate the security of the deadbolt with the ease of a thumb latch. They are typically sold as a single piece incorporating the deadbolt, handle, and latch on the same panel.

Important Factors in Choosing Your Hardware

When choosing your hardware during your entry door replacement, make sure that you know the thickness of the door and the hardware’s required bore hold size. Hardware for a replacement entry door can be easier than trying to find replacement hardware to fit an existing door, but the holes will need to be in the correct location and the correct size. Check the security grade on the lockset. Grade 1 provides the highest security, while Grade 3 is only basic security. You can choose to have multiple locks keyed to work with one key (such as a handle and a deadbolt), which can have benefits.

Styles of Exterior Door Hardware

Once you have selected the type of hardware for your entry door replacement, you can focus on the style. The finish you choose will help tie the look of your exterior door together with the style of your home. Polished brass works well with many home styles, but brushed metals and chrome hardware can give your home a modern, upscale feel. In some cases, you can choose different finishes for the exterior and interior look of the hardware you choose.

Should You Go Keyless for Your Entry Door Replacement?

Keyless entry pads are becoming more popular, especially as more homeowners begin to upgrade to smart home platforms. Some locks can be controlled through a smartphone app or other automated home systems, and will eliminate the need for fumbling for keys at the door or hiding keys for others who need access to your home. Keyless entry systems give you the ability to create temporary access codes for guests, contractors, or other workers who will need temporary access, but will have key access backup in case of power failure.

For many homeowners, the increased security and convenience is well worth the additional expense. However, other homeowners prefer the traditional look of a keyed entry and feel that keyed entry is less susceptible to malfunction. When choosing your hardware, talk to your entry door professional about the advantages and disadvantages of keyless entry systems.

Entry door replacement is often a quick and inexpensive way to upgrade the exterior of your home, and choosing the right exterior door hardware is the finishing touch on a door that will enhance the curb appeal of your home. No matter the style or finish you choose, quality hardware can give your door the perfect finishing touch. Contact Armorvue Home Exteriors for more information about all of our beautiful entry door options with customizable hardware.


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