New Entry Door Buyer’s Guide

Your main entry door is one of the first things your guests notice about your home, and it can say a lot about you as well. That’s why choosing the right entry door for your home is so important, especially since your entry door often reflects your personality, sense of style, and the overall first impression of your home.

If you’re considering an entry door replacement, but aren’t sure how to choose the right one, learning more about your options will help.

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Determine Your Budget

It’s always a good idea to determine a realistic budget before you begin the process of shopping for a new entry door. While staying within your budget is always smart, try to avoid making your decision based on price alone. Choose the best entry door for your home, versus selecting the door with the lowest price tag. Though an entry door replacement isn’t the most expensive or extravagant home improvement project on the list, it’s still a significant investment in the improvement of your home, and you want the door you choose to last a long time.

Start Your Research Online

Make the most of the internet by beginning your search online. No matter which company you plan on hiring to perform the entry door replacement, you’ll save time by doing some research online and figuring out which styles, finishes, and materials you like best.

Shop Your Style

Your entry door is the perfect opportunity to make a good first impression. Keep that mind while shopping for styles. Which door is really going to stand out above the rest?  Don’t worry too much about the specifics at this stage, as whatever professional company you hire to do the front door replacement should be more than happy to help you determine which size, style, and material will best suit your home based on your needs.

Consider Energy Efficiency

While a new entry door instantly makes a statement, that’s not all it does. An entry door replacement can help improve the energy efficiency of your home by keeping in the cool air during the summer, and warm air in the winter. There are various energy efficient ratings, so if improving energy efficiency is really important to you, you’ll want to choose an entry door that is rated as Energy-Star qualified by the EPA. This rating means that the door has been independently tested and proven to increase the energy efficiency of your home.

Check Safety Features

A quality door lock is essential in deterring burglars and keeping unwanted intruders out. Many entry doors today have improved security features such as strong, durable, lock reinforcement systems that help to increase the overall security and will protect your home as you expect it to.

Hire a Professional

While it may sound tempting to try and perform an entry door replacement on your own, this job is best left to a professional installer who has the experience, skills, and knowledge to ensure that you’re getting the absolute most out of your new entry door. Improved curb appeal, added security, and improved energy efficiency can all go to waste if the door is improperly installed. Remember, this is still an investment, no matter how small, so choose your installation company wisely. While DIY projects sound enticing, they can also be risky. Choosing to DIY on an entry door replacement can result in major issues, such as the door not fitting properly and may void out any warranties.

In order to ensure that your entry door replacement is a seamless process from start to finish, contact your local, trusted home improvement experts at Armorvue Home Exteriors. You’re going to love the look and functionality of your new entry door so much, the only regret you’ll have is not calling us sooner!


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