7 Reasons Why You’ll be Glad You Have New Windows

When embarking on your home improvement to-do list, there are few projects that offer as many benefits and stretch your investment dollar farther than new windows. From noise reduction to increasing your curb appeal, new windows sure can pack quite a punch with the numerous benefits they offer.

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1. Improved Energy Efficiency

New windows improve the overall energy efficiency of your home. They will insulate and regulate indoor temperatures much better than your current windows, and therefore put less strain on your HVAC system. Not only are new windows more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly, but it’s estimated that new windows can save homeowners up to 30 percent on their home’s heating and cooling costs, depending on the type of windows chosen. Who wouldn’t want to improve the environment, while also saving money?

2. Decreased UV Damage

New windows will help prevent fade and damage to your lovely home furnishings. Many new windows feature a low-E coating that blocks harmful UV light, protecting all of your home’s most precious possessions. Think of it as applying a layer of sunscreen to your home furnishings.

3. Enhanced Home Security

Windows that won’t fully open or close aren’t only annoying, they’re also a safety hazard. If your old windows are hard to open, you won’t have the option of escaping out of the window during a house fire, and if you can’t securely shut or lock your window, then you’re potentially leaving your home susceptible to an intruder. New windows offer more enhanced and improved safety features than ever before, so you can enjoy peace of mind that your home is better protected and safer.

4. Increased Comfort

One often overlooked benefit to purchasing new windows is they will help your home maintain a more comfortable and consistent temperature year-round, which in turn improves your comfort. Forget about those cool drafts or bursts of hot, stuffy air as you settle in to read a book in front of the window. New windows will make a difference you can feel.

5. Reduce Noise

If you live in a noisy neighborhood or near a busy road, then one of the best benefits of purchasing new windows is a reduction of noise. Many homeowners don’t even notice how noisy their homes are until after they purchase new windows and notice it’s much quieter inside of their home.

6. Improved Curb Appeal

New windows will instantly improve curb appeal. They add a sense of style, sophistication, and beauty to any home, with their clean, crisp, fresh and aesthetically pleasing appearance. New windows come in a variety of options and sizes, so you’re guaranteed to find something that will fit your style and compliment the look of your home.

7. Increased Home Value

New windows will definitely give your home a boost in value. It’s the main reason why window replacement is consistently listed in the top 10 home improvement projects for increasing home value; even higher than a kitchen renovation. New windows are a smart investment with an excellent ROI.

Ready to Fall in Love with Your Windows?

Reward yourself and your home with beautiful new windows you’ll be sure to love for many years to come. Contact your local, trusted window installation experts at Armorvue Home Exteriors today and discover for yourself the many joys that new windows can bring.


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