Common FAQs About Having Replacement Windows Installed

Window replacement can be a big investment in your home and it’s a project that most homeowners will only need to take on once during homeownership. Many homeowners are overwhelmed by the process and aren’t sure what to expect. Your contractor should understand this and take the time to walk you through the process.Small family house with curved concrete pathway over green lawn on front yard.

How Long Does a Window Replacement Take?

A window replacement will take only a few days, depending on the amount of windows to be replaced. If you are replacing fewer than ten windows, a window replacement may take only one day. When you are meeting with your installer, you will discuss anything that could slow the process down, such as potential issues with the extraction of your old windows or any additional repairs that will need to be completed. For a simple window replacement without issues to address, a full home of windows can typically be replaced in two or three days.

What Do I Need to Do to Prep for a Window Replacement?

You will need to do some prep work before your window replacement. You need to give the installers about three feet of clearance around each window, and to do that you’ll need to move furniture and anything else out of the way. Blinds and curtains will obviously need to be removed prior to window replacement. Some installs can create dust, so some homeowners will want to cover furniture or other belongings in the room prior to installation. Before beginning the installation, make sure to speak with your contractor and ask for their preferences.

How Much Does Window Replacement Cost?

There are many factors that go into the cost of window replacement. When you are meeting with your installer, you can discuss your budget and all the different factors. The cost of replacement windows is determined by the materials you are using, whether you will need full-frame replacement, if there are any underlying issues, and the total number of windows you are replacing. If you are changing any sizes or styles of your windows, that can also factor into the cost. Your contractor should make sure that all the costs are laid out during the initial quote for your project, but the average cost of a basic, new replacement window with installation is usually between $200-400 per window.

Should I Plan to Be Home During the Installation?

There is no reason you need to be home during the installation unless you would like to be. If you do choose to be home, you will need to make sure you are allowing the installation team plenty of room to work on each window. When you are discussing the window replacement project with your contractor, you are welcome to let them know what would make you feel more comfortable, and allow them to guide you from there.

Are the Windows Installed from the Inside or Outside?

Both! Windows can be installed from the inside or outside. Inside installation is usually preferred, but some trim makes an outside install the better option. In an outside install, the outside stop would need to be removed and the extraction would take place outside. Then the new window would be installed up against the interior stop for proper sealing and will require exterior capping. If your window replacement requires exterior installation, your contractor will walk you through the process.

Who Handles the Cleanup?

Your window replacement cleanup should be handled by the window installation team. This includes removing all the debris from your window area as well as the removal and disposal of the old windows. This should be clearly laid out in your contract. Most window installation companies take great pride in leaving your home in excellent condition.

Window replacement is not something that most homeowners will have to tackle more than once, so you may feel like you have plenty of questions before, during, and after the process. Your contractor should make sure they take the time to explain everything you need to know so you are comfortable with the process. We understand what it’s like for homeowners who have never had windows in their home replaced before. We’ve been helping homeowners upgrade their windows in this community for decades, and we’d love to discuss your new home windows with you today! Contact us for a virtual appointment.


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