Ignoring Your Old Windows Could Be Unsafe

Installing replacement windows is an investment in your home, and many homeowners may put off replacing their old windows because it doesn’t feel like a top priority. These homeowners may know that their windows are old, but will assume that they’re still working well and installing replacement windows would be nothing more than an aesthetic renovation. In fact, old windows can pose a serious safety risk.

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Old Windows Mean Reduced Safety

Old windows can be dangerous for children. The way that most older windows open allow curious children to play with, and potentially fall from, open windows. Newer windows are equipped with safety features that will help minimize the potential for tragedy. Many newer windows can be opened from the top rather than the bottom, allowing you to enjoy fresh air without tempting a curious toddler.

Older windows can also be dangerous in a different way. Many older windows no longer fit well in the frame, making them difficult to open. While this may be good for a curious toddler, a window that is difficult to open is a huge risk in case of fire. Your windows are an important point of egress in a fire, and you need to know you’ll be able to open them if you need to.

Water Damage is More Than an Inconvenience

If you have old windows, you are most likely facing some water damage. If your old window frames are loose or rotted, they’ll allow water in. Most homeowners see water leaks as an inconvenience. It stains the floor, it messes up the paint, and it can damage property. But more than that, water damage can lead to mold. Mold is a serious problem that can be extremely expensive to remediate and can put your family at risk of serious illness. Not only can mold be dangerous to your health, but a frame rotted by mildew or mold can damage the structure of your house, which is obviously a safety risk.

Old Windows Can Be a Security Risk

Warped frames and weak glass can compromise your home’s safety in a significant way. Older windows are often an easier target for those looking for a way into your home. If the materials are aged to the point of inefficiency, they can be easy to break. Many homeowners don’t want to think that their old windows could be decreasing their home’s security, but facing that reality is important. The new materials available for replacement windows are significantly more secure.

Advantages of Installing Replacement Windows

Even without the safety concerns of old windows, there is a definitive value to installing replacement windows: decreased energy bills. Old windows are not efficient and therefore can be very drafty. Your home will be less comfortable during the hot and cold days during the year, and your heating and cooling system will need to work harder to maintain the right temperature. The stress on your system will not only increase your bills, but could damage the system itself, leading to costly repairs. Installing replacement windows will make a big difference in your home’s comfort and efficiency.

Installing replacement windows is a great way to invest in your home and will provide most homeowners with a high return on their investment. With new windows, you know that you are putting your family’s health, safety, and security as a top priority. Contact Armorvue Home Exteriors today for a virtual appointment to discuss new windows for your home.


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