5 Benefits of Replacing Older Windows

If your home has older windows, you may have considered replacement several times over the years, but find yourself unable to make the commitment. Installing replacement windows is an investment in your home and you may ask yourself if the benefits are worth it. In reality, there are many benefits to installing replacement windows, and once you make the commitment, you may wonder why you’ve waited so long.

Newly renovated home with new windows, siding, and front door.

1. Installing Replacement Windows Will Increase the Value of Your Home

Installing replacement windows is a big investment. Luckily, it’s a big investment that will make a big difference in the value of your home. Installing replacement windows will increase the value of your home by an average of nearly 75% of the cost of the new roof. If you think that you may be listing your home for sale soon, installing replacement windows can make a big difference not only in the list price of your home, but in how attractive that home will be for potential buyers. Buyers may be turned off by a home in need of new windows and they will be eager to see a home that has already had new windows installed.

2. Installing Replacement Windows Improves Energy Efficiency

New windows are far more energy efficient than older windows. Installing replacement windows will make a big difference in your home energy bills. You will notice your home maintaining the inside temperature, fewer drafts, and lower energy bills after installing new windows. Fiberglass, wood, and vinyl are all available in energy-efficient options, and double or triple paned glass will also help your home become more energy efficient.

3. Replacement Windows are Low Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining old windows can be time consuming and frustrating. Today’s replacement windows are designed to be low maintenance. Options like between the glass blinds reduce the need for dusting, sashes that tilt inward make windows easy to clean, and newer frame materials will not need painting or repair as often as older styles.

4. Replacement Windows Increase Comfort, Safety, and Security

Installing replacement windows may mean that your home is quieter and more comfortable. Insulating glass means that less noise from traffic, lawn work, and barking dogs can enter your home. You won’t notice hot and cold spots from drafty windows and your home will be consistently more comfortable. Installing replacement windows means that your home will have less dust and fewer allergens, too. Finally, new windows will greatly increase your home’s safety and security. Windows that operate correctly will ensure that no one can get in, but your family will still be able to get out in case of fire.

5. Installing Replacement Windows Will Increase Your Curb Appeal

Installing replacement windows will simply make your home look nicer. They will dramatically increase the beauty of your home both inside and out. No matter what the style of your home, there are window styles that will work well, and you’ll be so glad you checked this project off your list.

Although installing replacement windows is an investment, the benefits are too great to ignore. We can guide you through what to expect when having new windows installed. With over 75 years of exterior home improvement experience, we are your trusted local source for quality materials and installation services. Contact Armorvue Home Exteriors for a virtual appointment to learn more about replacing your old windows this year.


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