Winter is a Great Time to Plan for Exterior Home Improvements

When you think of winter, you probably picture cold weather and curling up in front of the fireplace with a book and warm beverage. What you may not realize is winter is the perfect time for planning out your upcoming home improvement projects. Not only is it cold and dreary outside, but many people are still recovering from the holiday season madness and would much rather wait until the ground thaws to even consider making plans to modify their home. While winter may not be the ideal time to tackle exterior home renovations, savvy homeowners know it’s actually the perfect time to start planning ahead.

Backyard of nice home with new siding and windows.

Get Your Name on the Book

Contractors tend to fill up their schedules as soon as the hint of warm weather appears. Spring is typically the busiest season for contractors, as they get many calls from homeowners who put off those exterior home renovations during the winter months. If you wait until spring to start making calls, you risk the best contractors being fully booked for the spring season. Therefore, in order to get a jump on your plans, winter is a great time to consult with various contractors, obtain your quotes, and even lock in the right contractor while they’re still available.

Find the Best Deals

Planning a home improvement project in the winter can help you find the best deals and stay within your budget. Early planning allows more time to request estimates, as well as having more time to carefully compare the quotes and check references. Materials may also be less expensive in the winter, as the demand for materials increases during the spring and summer months making them more expensive. Starting to work with a contractor in the winter may allow you to secure the materials you need for your exterior home renovations at non-peak season prices.

Take Your Time

One major advantage to early planning is you don’t have to rush the process. Exterior home renovations require a great deal of time and attention, and a well thought out project is always better than one done in a hurry. Since early planning isn’t dependent on the weather, you’ll have plenty of time to relax and make careful, detailed plans. Nothing is worse than feeling pressured to make last minute decisions in haste due to lack of time and planning.

Allow Time for Permit Approval

Applying for building permits and waiting for approval before any construction can begin can cause major delays. Another advantage to planning for exterior home renovations during the winter months is local permit offices typically have less applications to process in the winter, so applying early can speed up the process.

Hire the Right Company

There are plenty of advantages to planning your exterior home renovations in the winter and being able to hire the right company to perform the work is definitely one of them. Highly skilled and reliable contractors are in great demand and will likely book up fast, so now is the time to start making plans. Don’t settle for less, secure your spot this spring with the very best home improvement professionals. Armorvue Home Exteriors has been helping this community look better for over 75 years. Contact us today for a virtual appointment!


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