Consider Installing a Garden Window in Your Kitchen

Installing a garden window makes a major statement without all of the fuss of taking on a complete kitchen renovation project. A garden window is similar to a bay window, except it’s smaller and typically located above the kitchen sink. These unique three-dimensional windows protrude out about 18 inches and create a perfect nook for herb gardens, flowers, or anything else you want to showcase.

Garden windows make a great addition to any kitchen by offering more natural light, space, ventilation, and the ability to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside.

Small multicolored cacti and succulents in a large white pot on the windowsill.

Step Up the Style

Purchasing new windows is a quick and simple way to update your kitchen, without the need to undergo a total kitchen demolition. A garden window is sure to spruce up any kitchen space, with it’s beautiful and unique appearance and decorative function, as you can use the extra space to showcase plants, flowers, collectibles, or anything that brings you happiness. Garden windows are a blank canvas for creativity.

Bring in More Natural Light

One of the biggest advantages of adding a garden window into the kitchen is bringing in a vast amount of natural light, due to the multiple glass panes. For those with small, dark kitchens, adding a garden window makes a dramatic difference in terms of lighting.

Enjoy More Counter Space

Need more storage or counter space? A garden window is a great solution! While some kitchen windows have a sill to place potted plants or flowers, they aren’t very wide, which can lead to items getting bumped or even knocked over. A garden window extends outside the house, allowing more storage space to showcase your plants or decorative items without the worry of anything getting knocked over due to a lack of space.

Proper Ventilation

Another benefit to new windows is proper ventilation and airflow. Some garden windows are designed to allow the sides or back to open as an awning window. These small casement windows can be cranked open to allow the desired level of ventilation along with the right amount of cross breeze when both sides or the back are opened. Proper kitchen ventilation is key, especially while cooking or using hot water to wash dishes.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Another reason to consider adding new windows is to improve the overall energy efficiency of your home. Although garden windows are made almost entirely of glass, they will still save you money on energy costs. The window panes are made from thick cut glass. These panes fit tightly into a strong PVC frame to prevent any air from leaking.

Plant an Indoor Garden

Not only does a garden window increase space, airflow, style, and natural light, but they also allow you the ability to bring the outdoors into your kitchen. The ability to plant an indoor garden is especially great for those who live in colder climates, as they can continue growing their favorite herbs and small plants year-round, regardless of the weather conditions outside.

Hire a Professional

While adding a garden window may not sound like a major project, it’s important your garden window is installed by a reputable professional that understands how to properly support a garden window to prevent sagging.

Whether you are looking to add extra light, space, ventilation, or the joy of gardening indoors, a garden window is a perfect way to update the kitchen without a lot of work. For any window related questions or needs, contact your trusted local window professionals at Armorvue Home Exteriors. We’re offering virtual appointments and would love to talk with you about adding some new windows to your home.


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