Does the Color of Your Roofing Shingles Affect Durability?

Until you are replacing your roof, you may have never given the color of asphalt shingles a second thought. When you are choosing the materials for your new roof, does color make a difference? Should you look for lighter colored or darker colored shingles? Will they affect the durability of your roof? The longevity of your new roof? Will the color of the shingles make any difference at all in how your home will function, or is it simply a style choice? There is a difference between light and dark asphalt shingles, but the difference may not be what you think.

Roofer working on top of a residential roof.

Roof Color of Your Asphalt Shingles Can Affect Your Home’s Temperature

All asphalt shingles are less reflective than other roofing materials. However, there is a difference between light and dark shingles with regard to the temperature of your home. The color of the asphalt shingles on your roof can impact your attic temperature a significant amount. The temperature can be affected between 20 and 40 degrees based on the color of your shingles. Light shingles are better for warmer climates. They will deflect the sunlight and keep your home cooler in warm weather. Dark shingles will absorb heat, making them more beneficial for cooler climates. However, having a properly ventilated attic is important. If your attic is absorbing heat, moisture can get trapped and lead to mildew or mold if you don’t have the right ventilation system.

Roof Color Affects Snow Melt

If you live in a region with snowy winters, dark shingles will make snow melt more quickly. Having snow quickly melt off your roof can help you avoid the excess weight of snow putting stress on your roof, as well as avoid the risk of ice dams forming. If your home has been prone to ice dams in the past, you may want to do all you can to avoid them in the future, and dark shingles can make a difference in how snow will melt off your roof.

What Color Will Look Better?

The color of your asphalt shingles can make your home look drastically different. Although there is no hard and fast rule, most dark colored homes will look best with dark shingles. Light colored shingles will look best with lighter colored homes. Dark colors may make a home appear smaller, while light shingles can make a home appear larger. However, this is really just a personal preference.

Are Dark or Light Shingles the Right Choice for Your New Roof?

When considering your asphalt shingle options, it’s important to know that shingle color will not affect the durability or longevity of your new roof. There are benefits to both light and dark shingles. You should consider the insulation of your attic, the ventilation you have, the climate you live in, and the style of your home.

Although the color of your asphalt shingles can make a dramatic visual change to your home, the most important choice to make when choosing roofing materials is the quality of the materials themselves and the skill of the roofing crew installing those shingles. Your roofing contractor can help you make the best choice for your new roof. With over 75 years of roofing installation experience, Armorvue Home Exteriors is your trusted local roofing specialist. We offer virtual appointments and high quality materials. Contact us today to start a conversation about getting a new roof installed on your home this year!


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