Make a Small Room Look Bigger with New Windows

Empty room with large windows and sun pouring in.

Window replacement is a big investment. You know that it will increase the energy efficiency of your home, you know it will increase the curb appeal, resale value, and aesthetic, and you know it will increase your security. But window replacement is one of those investments that, unlike an upgraded kitchen or a spa-like bathroom, feels utilitarian rather than enjoyable. But window replacement can be more than a basic upkeep task. You can use your window replacement to make small rooms look bigger by letting in more light.

How Window Replacement Can Make a Small Room Look Bigger

Making a small room feel larger is all about creating a feel of openness. A small room that is closed off with only standard windows has very little openness. When replacing windows, you will have the options of choosing styles that will allow more light into the room, create a bigger view of the outdoors, and make the room feel more spacious. Bay or bow windows are a great way to do this.

Incorporating Bay Windows into Your Window Replacement

A bay window unit typically consists of three separate windows. Usually the middle window is fixed and the two that flank it are operational. The flankers are installed at an angle and the entire unit projects outward and creates a space inside called a “bay”. The bay can go all the way to the floor, serving as a nook, or if the window is raised from the ground, it can be a shelf or a window seat. Not only does this configuration create an additional space, but the larger window will allow more light into the room, making the existing small space feel lighter.

Incorporating Bow Windows into Your Window Replacement

Bow windows are similar to bay windows, in that it is made up of multiple windows. Bay windows are always made up of three windows. Bow windows can have four or more windows incorporated into the design. Bay windows create a hexagonal space, while bow windows create a more rounded feel. Bow windows can create a “wall of window”, which will add the same space and light to make a small room feel bright and open.

Bay and Bow Windows add Texture and Dimension

While both bay and bow windows create literal space and add light, both also make the room feel bigger by adding texture and dimension. This architectural picture will make the room a focal point of your home, much more than the standard double hung or slider windows. Visitors to your home will have great views of your home’s exterior.

Replacement windows are an investment. Although there are plenty of practical reasons to commit to replacing windows, looking at window replacement as an opportunity to make a small room look larger by adding a bay or bow window is a bonus. You will not only enjoy the energy and security upgrade, but you will get an updated aesthetic appearance inside and out. Contact Armorvue Home Exteriors today for a virtual appointment to learn more about the quality products we carry and the expert installation we provide.


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