Now is a Great Time to Invest in New Windows

Luxurious home exterior with blue vinyl siding and white trim with new windows.

Installing replacement windows is a major investment in your home, but is one that brings many benefits. If you know it’s time for new windows and you are ready to make the investment, now may be the perfect time for installing replacement windows. The benefits of installing replacement windows are well worth the investment.

Installing Replacement Windows Will Increase Your Energy Efficiency

Older windows are one of the biggest energy drains in your home. It can be incredibly frustrating to walk by a window in the winter and feel the cold air coming in. New windows are much more efficient, reducing wear on your furnace and air conditioner, making your home feel comfortable, and saving money on your heating and cooling bills. Any modern window will be an upgrade if your windows are older, but there are plenty of options for increased energy efficiency.

Installing Replacement Windows is Good for Noise and Allergen Reduction

Older windows don’t only let the drafts in, they let plenty of noise in as well. Installing replacement windows with insulated frames and multi-paned glass will help reduce the loud noise you may have in your neighborhood. Whether your neighborhood is loud with traffic noise, barking dogs, or lawn mowers, replacement windows will keep the outdoor noise outside. In addition, replacement windows are good at keeping allergens out of your home, too.

Installing Replacement Windows will Increase Your Home’s Value

Window replacement can have a big impact on your home’s value. New windows can return homeowners as much as 70% of the investment in increased value. Buyers will often show more interest in a home if a major project, such as replacement windows, has recently been done. If a homeowner knows that they’ll need to replace the windows within a few years, they may be less interested in putting in an offer.

Installing Replacement Windows Will Increase Safety and Security

When it comes to your family’s safety, there are plenty of benefits of replacing your old windows. Better seals and locks will keep out anything you don’t want inside your home. On the flip side, older windows may be difficult to open from the inside, and in the case of fire, this can be a terrifying thought. New windows will function well when you need them to. When it comes to safety of kids and pets, new styles with blinds between the panes of glass will keep pulls and cords completely out of reach.

Replacement Windows are Low Maintenance

New windows are designed to be low maintenance. Inside and out, cleaning new windows is much easier than older styles. Between the glass blinds, sashes that tilt, between the glass panes, and tracks that collect less debris will all make the chore of cleaning windows a much easier one.

The benefits of installing replacement windows are substantial. The majority of homeowners who replace their windows note an immediate difference in the look and feel of their home. When you’ve made the decision to invest in new windows, start by reaching out to local contractors who can guide you through the next steps in installing replacement windows. Armorvue Home Exteriors has been installing quality windows in this area for decades. Contact us today for a virtual appointment to talk about new windows for your home or any other exterior home improvement project you’ve been thinking about.


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