Black Window Frames are a Trend with Staying Power

Black window frames are becoming more and more popular, and it is clear that this is a trend that will not be going away anytime soon. Incorporating black window frames can enhance both the interior and exterior of your home as an exciting change from the traditional white frames.

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Benefits of Choosing Black Frames for Your New Window Installation

There are many benefits to choosing black frames when planning your new window installation. Black frames can create a beautiful contrast both inside and out. Black frames serve as accent points which will highlight the rest of your home’s design. Modern, industrial, and minimalistic designs all work beautifully with black window frames. On the exterior, black window frames can distinguish your home and increase your curb appeal. Black frames often work best without shades or drapes, which will further enhance a clean, streamlined look that is attractive to many homeowners. Although black window frames are typically used in modern and industrial style homes, they can also work well with other styles, creating a custom look that will make your home stand out from the standard. With a little bit of research online you’ll find some inspiration for incorporating black window frames into your current home’s architectural style.

Decorating with Black Window Frames

Because black window frames make such a strong statement on their own, much of the décor you choose should highlight the window frames themselves. Roman shades or drapes are a smarter choice than white blinds or shades. In many cases, leaving the black windows bare makes a stronger design statement. Although the room itself does not need to use black as a primary color, using black elements in the interior décor will help tie the window frames into the design. From the outside, black window frames can be accented with window boxes, which will allow a pop of natural color while highlighting the beauty of the frame.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Black Window Frames

Black window frames are a beautiful choice for modern and industrial style designs. While it is certainly possible to embrace this trend with other home styles, you will need to work carefully with your new window installation professionals to make sure that the black frames fit cohesively into the design from both the inside and outside. With the options for custom windows nearly endless, you’ll soon find that you’ll have a lot to choose from, and the clean lines will complement both classic and trendy tastes. Working with your contractor to decide on the right window frames is a good idea. They have the experience to convey what your best options are based on what they’ve seen and worked with before. If you are in a warmer climate, black windows will absorb more heat. Although the heat transfer shouldn’t be significant, if your home is in the direct sun, it is worth considering. The final, and perhaps most important consideration when choosing black frames for a new window installation is that black frames, usually steel, will increase the cost. You may find you need to special order the materials, which can add to the expense. Although the initial cost may be higher, black window frames are a very high-quality material, making them well worth the investment.

Black window frames aren’t a new trend, so it’s likely that this design option has staying power and will create a modern look that won’t become dated in a few years. Black window frames can make your home look custom and increase your curb appeal. Many window companies sell black window frames, and talking to your contractor about using black frames for your new window installation is the best way to begin. If you’re ready to learn more about getting new windows for your home, contact Armorvue Home Exteriors today.


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