Adding Character to Your Home’s Exterior

When it seems like everyone is making improvements to their home, it’s easy to see your home as boring and tired. Home improvement contractors are seeing more homeowners who want to add character and individuality to their home, allowing their home to stand out without looking out of place. When you choose to upgrade your home’s exterior, you can add character with doors, siding, and even your new roof.Panorama frame Wooden porch bench with pillows against the shiny front window

Use a New Entry Door to Add Character

A new entry door is an easy and budget friendly way to add character and a pop of personality. The practical benefits of a new entry door – increased security, energy efficiency, and comfort – are clear, but a new entry door can also increase curb appeal significantly. Whether choosing a timeless neutral or a fun pop of color, a new entry door can give the exterior of your home a more polished, custom look. In addition to the door itself, you can add character with entry door windows and sidelites, new hardware, and new lighting. A door that matches the architectural style of your home is an excellent way to enhance your front entry.

Choose the Right Roof

You may not think that your roof can add character, but choosing the right roof does make a difference. If your roof doesn’t fit with the rest of your exterior, it will be noticeable and look “off”. When choosing a new roof, home improvement contractors can help you determine the right materials that will enhance your home’s look. Some homes look better with darker shingles, some better with lighter, some will work better with brown and tan tones, and some with gray. Choosing the right roof materials can give your home a polished, finished look that will enhance your curb appeal.

Enhance Your Exterior with Siding

Changing your siding is one of the most dramatic changes you can make to your home. Installing new siding allows you to make a change in the color of your home and take your home’s exterior from tired and dated to fresh and new. Vinyl siding is designed to retain its color despite exposure to the elements and with little to no maintenance on the part of the homeowner. New siding, especially in the right color that fits your style, will greatly enhance your curb appeal.

Utilize the Expertise of Home Improvement Contractors

Home improvement contractors understand how to take the exterior of your home to the next level of aesthetic beauty and curb appeal. When you find the right contractor, they will be able to look at the exterior, listen to your concerns, and make suggestions based on your wants and needs. Local home improvement contractors understand what homeowners and buyers are looking for in your area, and can guide you toward a home’s exterior that is full of character and shows off the care you put in as a homeowner.

Helping your home stand out is important when enhancing your curb appeal. If you are planning to list your home or hoping to stay for many years, having strong curb appeal demonstrates who you are as a homeowner to visitors, neighbors, and potential home buyers. Speaking with home improvement contractors can help you determine what will help your home stand out. Contact Armorvue Home Exteriors for more information about our high quality products and services.


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