Why Are Your Windows Leaking?

Leaking windows should never be ignored. A leak that goes unnoticed or isn’t addressed promptly, can cause damage to your home, ranging from mold and mildew growth to wood rot. There are several reasons that lead to leaky windows. Most of the time it boils down to improperly installed windows or old, worn windows in need of replacement. To prevent further damage, including potential structural problems, it’s important to spot the signs of leaking windows and address the situation immediately.

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Poor Installation

No matter how beautiful your new windows look, if they aren’t installed properly, then your investment goes down the drain, as does your energy efficiency. Poor installation is one of the most common causes of leaky windows, and one of the most preventable, so it’s important to hire a professional window company to install your new windows.

Windows that Aren’t Level

A window that isn’t level, or plumb, will collect water. Windows are designed to sit level and naturally drain water, but if they’re not level, water will accumulate and cause a leak. If you’re not sure if your window is level, place a level on your window so you can determine if it was properly installed or not. Uneven windows are yet another important reason why it’s so critical to hire a professional for a new window installation.

Improper Window Seal or Caulk

Ideally window installers should seal windows with expanding foam to help prevent leaks, but this isn’t always the case. If they fail to use enough seal or caulk, it creates channels of air between the window and wall, eventually resulting in leaks. An experienced window installer knows to measure the aperture correctly and match windows with precision, ensuring an exact fit.

What are some benefits of new windows? 

Improved Energy Efficiency

A new window installation greatly improves the energy efficiency of your home. New windows help to insulate and regulate temperatures, putting less strain on your HVAC system. It’s estimated that a new window installation can save homeowners up to 30 percent on their home’s heating and cooling costs, depending on the type of windows selected.

Improved Comfort

If you’re tired of feeling too hot or cold in your home, new windows can make a world of difference in terms of your overall comfort. A new window installation helps maintain a consistent temperature inside your home, regardless of the harsh weather conditions outside.

Temperatures aren’t the only indicator of comfort. If outside noise is causing you chaos, new windows will reduce the amount of outdoor noise from making its way indoors, helping to keep the peace in your home. Enhanced Curb Appeal

New windows not only improve energy efficiency, but they make your home look aesthetically pleasing. While new windows may not seem significant, in terms of curb appeal, a new window installation makes a big impact.

Increased Home Value

A new window installation is a smart investment for homeowners, especially if you plan on selling your home soon. Potential buyers may walk away from a home in need of new windows. Whether you plan on selling or staying, you can feel confident in knowing you’ll receive a good return on your investment.

Need New Windows?

If you’re ready to ditch those leaky windows once and for all, contact your local, trusted window professionals at Armorvue Home Exteriors. Get ready to fall in love with your windows again and discover the many joys that a new window installation has to offer. Let’s talk about your choices today.


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