New Windows Do More than Boost Curb Appeal

New windows are an investment, but replacing your windows will do more than boost your curb appeal. Replacement windows will increase the value of your home, lower your energy bills, increase your home’s efficiency, and enhance your comfort inside. When taking all these factors into consideration, new windows are an investment that is well worth it.

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New Windows Increase the Value of Your Home

If you are looking for a home renovation project that will increase the value of your home, new windows are an excellent choice. In fact, new windows will not only increase the value of your home, they will make your home considerably more desirable to home buyers. Home buyers are far more likely to make an offer on a property with new windows. They will not only know that the home is efficient, but installing new windows shows potential buyers that you have invested in the home, and it is a project that new homeowners will not need to take on. If you are considering the ROI (Return on Investment) for new windows, the numbers are good. New windows will return 75-100% of your investment in increased home value.

New Windows Increase Your Comfort and Security

When you install new windows, the first thing most homeowners notice is an increase in the comfort of their home. New windows will not only keep your home’s temperature regulated, which will keep your home consistently comfortable and free of drafts, but the improvement in glass and other materials can help cut down on any outdoor noise pollution that may infiltrate your home. You will notice a big difference in the reduction of traffic noise, barking dogs, and lawn care noise. In addition to increasing the comfort of your home, you will have greater peace of mind knowing that new windows provide enhanced security to keep your family safe.

New Windows are Energy Efficient

We all want our homes to be more energy efficient, both for the environmental impact and the cost savings. New windows are significantly more energy efficient and you will notice a difference in your energy bills. Adding glass with inert gasses between the panes, as well as a low-E coating, will allow you to see the biggest difference in your energy bills.

New Windows Will Boost Your Curb Appeal

There are many practical reasons to invest in new windows, and curb appeal is still one of them. New windows will enhance the aesthetic of your home, both inside and out. When installing new windows, you can choose the material that will best enhance the style of your home. Although wood is a traditional choice, vinyl windows often look good in a home with vinyl siding. Vinyl windows are easy to maintain, which will keep your home looking neat and clean all through the year. If you have a traditional or older home, wooden windows are designed to fit that style while still keeping all the benefits of replacement windows. After choosing materials, you can also choose window styles that will boost your curb appeal further. Bay windows, bow windows, and garden windows will all make a big difference in the impression of your home.

It is easy for many homeowners to say that new windows aren’t worth the investment, but that is simply not the case. With an ROI of up to 100%, lowered energy costs, and increased comfort, new windows are an excellent investment in your home. Speaking with a contractor about your home and the value that new windows can provide is the best way to begin the process. We’ve been installing new windows in this community for over 75 years, and we’d love to talk with you about installing new windows in your home. Contact Armorvue Home Exteriors to schedule a virtual appointment.


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