What You Should Know About a Roofing Contract

There are many compelling reasons why a homeowner and roofing contractor should require a roofing contract be in place before any work begins. A roofing contract is a legal document that binds a roofer to the promises they make to get the job done. Roofing contracts are necessary for several reasons. A written contract ensures the payment schedule is clear and that the contractor is legally protected against claims. It also provides the homeowner with assurance that the business is legitimate and puts into writing that the work will be delivered at a certain price. Furthermore, it allows the contractor to ensure that the homeowner fully understands all warranties to protect themselves from future issues related to faulty products.

Aerial view of asphalt shingles construction site roofing the house with new windows.

While some contracts may seem lengthy and confusing, roofing contracts are relatively straightforward.

Business Details

The contract will contain basic information about the roofing company’s business, including the physical address, license number, and insurance information. The contract should also include the homeowner’s name, address, phone number, email address and the physical address of where the roof will be installed.

Scope of Work

This section of the contract defines exactly what the roofer will be doing. It should also include the labor and materials needed to perform the job. If a homeowner is undergoing a complete roofing system, the contractor should list which accessories will be used during installation, like leak barriers, for example.

Project Length

Homeowners should expect the work to begin on their new roof anywhere from two to six weeks after the contract is signed, however this can vary greatly depending on the time of year and how busy the contractor is. Whenever they begin, the contractor should be straightforward about their schedule, so the homeowner is given reasonable notice. After the contractor begins the job, there shouldn’t be any interruptions other than weather conditions.

Materials and Services

A roofing contract should list all materials and services included with the scope of the job, basic roofing, and labor required. If it’s not listed in the contract, ask about permit acquisition fees, cleanup, and roof disposal.  The contract should also list the specific product names and manufacturer information.


Asphalt shingles typically include a manufacturer’s warranty which should be listed on your contract. A reputable roofing contractor will stand behind their work and offer you a comprehensive warranty for the materials and installation too. It’s also important to be clear about limited warranties that cover materials in the event of a defect.

Payment Schedule

A homeowner should expect to pay a deposit for a new roof. There should never be an expectation that full payment is required upfront before the job is complete. It’s common to pay an initial deposit and pay a second payment when materials are delivered to the house, followed by a final payment when the job is finished. Whatever the payment schedule and details are, they should be clearly listed in writing in the contract.

Termination Options

The roofing contract should state the terms of terminating the contract, including any applicable notice that needs to be provided, any payments needing to be made, and information about whether the deposits are refundable.

Need a New Roof?

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