Consider Adding Sidelights to Your New Front Door

If you have decided it’s time to give your home a much-needed boost in curb appeal by replacing your old, tired entry door for something newer and more attractive, why not do something a little extra and add sidelights too? There is nothing quite like a beautiful grand entry door flanked with glass sidelights spilling light into your home to greet your guests as they arrive.

Adding sidelights to your entrance is an easy way to add drama and a massive dose of visual interest to your home’s exterior. Foyer in suburban home with leaded glass doors.

What are Sidelights?

Sidelights are narrow vertical panels of glass that flank one or both sides of an entrance door. Although they may include operable windows, traditionally, they are fixed panels of equal size placed symmetrically on each side of the entry door with or without a narrow horizontal transom light above the door and both sidelight panels. However, it is also common to see a single sidelight panel, generally located on the handle side of the door.

You can choose from various styles to achieve any design aesthetic you desire, from a modern look with glass blocks to traditional designs with carved wooden ¾ height panels that match the carvings on the door.

No matter what style you opt for, sidelights improve the proportions of your home’s facade and will take your single entry door from small and unassuming to the grand entrance your home deserves.

Bring in the Light

As the name suggests, sidelights dramatically increase the amount of light that is drawn into your home. If your foyer is dark and feels slightly small, adding sidelights to your entry can make the entire area feel more extensive and welcoming.

A Room With a View

In a traditional foyer with a solid wood door, identifying visitors before opening the door can be a real challenge and may pose a safety risk. Sidelights allow you to view your visitors as they arrive at your door before you welcome them inside. And, by opting for “hurricane glass,” which includes an unbreakable film sandwiched within the glass panels, your sidelights can provide a safer barrier than the rest of the windows in your home. Concerned about protecting your privacy? Install frosted or etched glass in your sidelights. Want to go all out on drama? Opt for a beautiful leaded or stained glass effect on your sidelight windows, which will raise the design of your entry to an entirely new level.

Adding a Door With Sidelights is Easy

If you have already opted to replace your entry door, going to the next level and installing a door with sidelights could not be easier. Your home improvement contractor will measure the space to ensure there is enough room to install the unit you have chosen and can even assist you in selecting the best option for your home’s design and the available space. As trusted professionals, they will advise you on the best style that will complement your home’s design and be proportional to the overall entry space. When it comes time to install your gorgeous new entry door, your contractor will properly frame the new opening to accommodate the new unit.

Ready to enjoy your beautiful new entry? Contact your local, trusted home exterior professionals at Armorvue Home Exteriors and make your grand entrance a reality!


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