What to Expect the Day Your New Roof is Installed

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If you’re planning for a home roof replacement in the near future, you may have some questions about what to expect on the day your new roof is being installed. While your local roof contractor will handle the majority of the work for you, there are a few simple tasks you’ll need to complete before the big day arrives.

How to prepare for a roof replacement:

Cover Items in the Attic

If you store items in your attic, make sure to cover any furniture or valuables with a drop cloth or old sheets to protect it from dust and debris. Speaking of dust, it’s very likely you’ll need to vacuum and dust the attic area after the roof replacement is over.

Remove Wall Decorations

Vibrations from hammering can easily knock decorations off of walls or shelves, so removing any valuables and storing them in a safe, secure place is a good idea.

Remove Grills, Toys, and Patio Furniture

Roofing professionals will need plenty of space to walk all the way around your home to gain complete access to the roof. Leaving a 15-foot-clearance for them to walk around is best. To prevent any tripping accidents, remove outdoor grills, patio furniture, and toys, and place them inside a shed or garage.

Protect Your Yard and Garden

Trimming off any branches that hang near your roof, as well as cutting the grass short, is important to complete before your local roof contractor arrives at the job. Keeping the grass nice and short will help keep falling debris from getting buried in the grass and will make the cleanup process and nail sweep much more thorough.

If you have fragile flower beds, gardens, plants, or landscaping around your home, it’s a good idea to shield them from dust and debris by covering them with a tarp or plastic sheet. Hanging plants should be temporarily removed. Don’t forget to turn off any automatic sprinklers too.

Relocate Your Vehicles Elsewhere

Tearing off an old roof and installing a new one are a big and messy project that takes up a lot of space. This is why it’s so important to clear all areas around your home, including your driveway to give the crew easy access to the roof, as well as plenty of space to store their equipment and roofing materials.

Arrange for Satellite Re-Installation

If you have a satellite dish or antennas located on or near your roof, you’ll want to have them removed and then re-installed once the roofing job is complete. Call your cable or satellite provider to make arrangements before any roofing work begins.

Prepare Children, Pets, and Neighbors

If you have pets or young children, you might want to consider making arrangements for them to stay with a friend or relative during your home roof replacement.  If that isn’t possible, talk to your children beforehand to prepare them for what’s going to occur, especially if they are bothered by loud noises. While many young children may be excited and want to want to watch what’s going on around them, make sure and keep them at a safe distance as work zones have the potential to be very dangerous.

In addition to preparing your children, informing the neighbors of when your roof replacement will be taking place is the polite and responsible thing to do. Not to mention, if their home is in close proximity to yours, they also need to prepare by covering plants, clearing adjoining walkways, and moving their vehicles to prevent any damage, etc.

Having a new roof installed isn’t something you’re likely to do very often, so it’s normal to wonder what you should do to prepare your home for a roofing crew. We’ve been installing roofs in this community for over 75 years, and we’d like the opportunity to talk to you about your new roof installation. Contact us today for a virtual appointment.


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