Your Old Roof Could Become a Safety Issue

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When it comes to home roof replacement, many homeowners try to put this project off as long as possible. It’s not a “fun” upgrade like a new kitchen or bathroom, it can be expensive, and it’s easy to put off by thinking that it’s not crucial yet. But your old roof can quickly become a safety issue, and a home roof replacement is not something that you should put off. There are many issues that can develop from a roof in need of replacement.

Even a Small Leak Can Cause Attic and Ceiling Damage

Most homeowners first notice a leak in their attic. A small leak may, at first, cause only damage to items stored in the attic. But if the leak is ignored and grows, it will damage the ceiling. Paint may darken and plaster may bubble, and the leaking water will begin to damage paint and plaster on the walls and ceiling mounted lights and fans. Any ceiling and wall damage can be a safety issue as the structures weaken from the water.

Any Water Can Cause Mold and Mildew Issues

Mold and mildew can lead to major health problems. If your roof is allowing moisture into your attic and crawl spaces, mold and mildew will grow. Depending on the type of mold, the problem can be very dangerous to breath in and require expensive treatments to remediate.

Water Damage Can Become a Fire Hazard

When most homeowners think of water damage, they don’t think of fire. However, by putting off home roof replacement, you may be putting your home at risk of fire. When water enters your roof, it gets into places that can cause damage. Electrical wires and panel boxes are often not far from potential leaks, and if enough water comes into contact with electrical wiring, the fire threat is a big one.

Putting off a Home Roof Replacement Can Compromise Structural Integrity

Water leaking through your roof can cause issues to the structural integrity of your home. A small leak will, over time, begin to wear and rot at the structural beams in your home, which can potentially lead to roof collapse. Anything that compromises the structural integrity of your home is a huge safety risk, especially during inclement weather.

An Old Roof Can Devalue Your Home

A roof that is noticeably in need of repair will look bad, and in many cases, becomes a bigger issue. If a potential buyer sees a roof in need of repair, they will not only look at that expense, but the expense that will come with repairing the potential damage that is likely lurking beneath the surface. A roof that looks old and neglected will give the impression that the rest of the home is as well. While this may not harm your family’s physical safety, a well-cared for home offers financial security and the assurance that the home is a sound investment.

You may want to put off your home roof replacement for “just one more year”, or “just until the spring”, but if you know your roof is in need of replacement, there is a point where it is irresponsible to put your family at risk because you are trying to wait as long as possible. If you suspect your roof is in need of attention, schedule an inspection before you develop safety issues that can make a standard home improvement project much more complicated. Armorvue Home Exteriors would like to put our decades of experience to work for you. There is no better time than right now to schedule a virtual appointment with us to talk about a new roof for your home. Contact us today!


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