Tips on Choosing the Right Shingles for Your New Roof

Selecting the right shingles for your new roof can be an overwhelming process, especially if you don’t know what to look for. There are so many different options available to choose from, as well as important factors to consider in making sure you select the best choice for your climate or style of home.

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Choose Your Materials Wisely

One of the most popular roofing materials is asphalt shingles because they are easy to install, versatile, and the most budget friendly option which is an important factor for many homeowners. Asphalt shingles come in several shapes, colors and sizes, with the most affordable being the basic 3-tab shingle to the more expensive architectural or designer shingles, including octagonal panels or overlapping square patterns.

If you’re going for a more natural or rustic look, wooden roofing materials make an attractive and appealing option but they’re not as durable as asphalt shingles and are more expensive. Other less common roofing materials include stone, slate, clay, terra cotta, metal, plastic or composite, and solar tiles or panels.

Consider the Slope

The slope of your roof refers to how steep the angle of your roof is. When choosing the type of shingles for your new roof it’s important to take the slope of your roof into consideration. Depending on how steep the slope is, it may not be able to handle heavier roof shingles or tiles, such as slate or clay.

Consider the Climate

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting shingles for your new roof is the climate where you live. For example, if you live in the northern part of the country that receives more rain and snow, you wouldn’t want to select a shingle incapable of handling humidity and moisture. Similarly, if you live in a warmer climate, you wouldn’t want to select shingles that absorb and trap in heat.

Therefore, it’s important to pick shingles that best suit the climate where you live. Extreme weather conditions such as ice, snow, high winds, rain may all result in damage to your roof, so picking a durable shingle, such as asphalt, is the best defense.

Pick the Right Color

Another important factor to consider when selecting shingles for your new roof is the color. The color of your shingles not only affect the appearance and therefore the curb appeal of your home, but the performance of your new roof as well. When choosing shingles, consider the colors available for each type of material. Standard asphalt and slate tiles tend to come in earthy, more neutral tones, such as grey and black which compliment nearly any color.

When it comes to matching shingles to the color of your home, it mostly comes down to personal preference, but it’s best to check with your homeowner’s association first, if applicable, to make sure they don’t have specific rules or regulations on acceptable colors.

Are You Ready for a New Roof?

Making the decision to purchase a new roof is a significant investment for any homeowner, so it’s important to make an informed decision when selecting the right shingles. If you’re ready for a new roof but don’t know where to start, contact your local, trusted roofing experts at Armorvue Home Exteriors. We’re here to help, and we’d love to set up a virtual appointment with you to discuss your decision to invest in a new roof. We can guide you through the process including the warranties, financing, and installation, as well as introduce you to the high quality products we offer.


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