Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Modern brick home with large windows on a sunny summer day.

Every season brings a new set of maintenance tasks to keep your home in the best shape. Summer, with its long, hot, dry days, provides plenty of opportunities to address home maintenance issues. There are a lot of things you can do to keep your home functioning like new. Some things you can do yourself, and some you should trust to the professionals. By taking care of any exterior home renovations over the summer, you will know that your home is in great shape for the rest of the year.

Inspect and Repair Air Conditioners

If you have window units, make sure to inspect the filters each year, replacing if necessary. If you have central air, have the unit inspected once a year to make sure the system is still in good shape. Taking care of maintenance tasks before they are an issue can help avoid a costly repair on a hot day.

Clean and Repair Decks, Porches, and Patios

Outdoor living spaces can take a beating over the winter and spring with the changing temperatures. Summer, with its long days, is the perfect time to wash, repair, and re-stain decks and porches. Look for loose floorboards and inspect for any mold growth. If there are any areas that need attention, make sure you don’t put it off. Summer is the right time to address any outdoor living spaces. It’s also a great time to think about adding a patio cover to your existing patio to prolong the season of enjoying your outdoor living space for the whole family.

Wash and Inspect Your Windows

Window washing is often seen as a spring-cleaning chore, but with the temperamental weather of spring, it’s a task that often gets pushed to the summer. Long, sunny, dry days are a good time to wash the windows. While giving attention to each window, inspect for any signs of damage. If you notice damage to the weather stripping, or signs of leaks or mold, have someone over to inspect the issue and see if your windows might need repaired or replaced.

Give Attention to Your Landscaping

Summer is the time to pay attention to your landscaping. While much of the clean up and planting occurs in the spring, summer is the best time to address and maintain overgrown plants and beds that can cause bug infestations and invite other pests. The summer is the time to let your landscaping shine, since so much of your living can move outdoors. Maintaining the landscaping over the summer will allow for an easier fall clean up and a neater start each spring.

Clean Your Gutters

If your gutters are clogged with buildup, you can quickly develop standing water, which comes with plenty of issues as well. Some gutters may be easy to clean and maintain on your own, others may require help from a contractor. If your gutters need replacing, summer is the right time to do it, and many new gutters are built to help cut down on future maintenance.

Identify Any Exterior Home Renovations

Summer is the right time to inspect your home for any exterior home renovations that will be needed before the end of the season. Even though summer is starting to wind down, there is still plenty of daylight left to do a little home maintenance and get some projects done this year.

Check your roof, inspect your pipes for leaks, check your exterior paint and siding, basement windows, exterior doors, and the rest of your property. If you find any issues that need attention, contact an exterior home renovation company to see what work will need to be done. A good contractor can help you identify and prioritize any issues you may find.

Summer is a time when many of us want to relax, but by taking advantage of the long, warm days to maintain your property, your home will reflect your efforts in positive ways. Improving curb appeal, increasing value, and focusing on efficiency will continue to keep your home in good shape all year. Contact Armorvue for a virtual appointment to talk about your exterior home improvement plans today!


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