Benefits of Replacing Those Old Slider Windows

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Replacement slider windows are an investment in your home, and often homeowners aren’t sure if they’re a worthwhile purchase. Whether your home currently has slider windows or traditional double-hung windows, replacement slider windows have many benefits that you might want to consider.

What is the Difference Between Slider Windows and Double-Hung Windows?

A traditional double-hung window sash opens up and down, with the sash and locking mechanism in the middle of the window. A slider window opens side to the side. Slider windows are available in larger sizes than double-hung windows because of the way they operate. Like double-hung windows, most slider windows have double panes that increase energy efficiency and security.

Benefits of Replacement Slider Windows

Slider windows have several benefits.

  • They are an ideal choice for hard to reach places, such as above the kitchen sink or in a bathroom because they are easy to open from any angle.
  • Slider windows are a versatile style. Although commonly seen in modern style homes or townhomes, any style of home can utilize slider windows while keeping the style of the home. Because slider windows can be much wider than double-hung windows, one slider window can replace a wall of double-hung windows, both providing more light than double-hung windows and saving you money on your window replacement project, since you can replace several windows with one.
  • Slider windows offer a beautiful view. Since sliders open from side to side, the view is unobstructed by the middle sash. They allow the maximum amount of light to enter the room, too.
  • Slider windows, because they move side to side rather than lifting up, are easy to open and close.
  • Because slider windows have fewer moving parts, they are less likely to need repair, and if they do it won’t be very often over the lifetime of the window. They are very low maintenance.
  • Slider windows also allow maximum ventilation since you can open the window at full height.

What to Look for in Replacement Slider Windows

As with any window style, there are varying degrees of quality when choosing replacement slider windows. Look for ones with interlocking meeting rails. These are superior to slider windows with felt and pile weather-stripping that will wear down over time, decreasing energy efficiency. Interlocking meeting rails improve both energy efficiency and security.

Look for windows with adequate drainage holes that won’t cause the sill to fill with water during a storm. A replacement slider window should have double panes to increase energy efficiency. Finally, because slider windows have the potential to be difficult to clean, look for windows that tilt or are removable for ease of cleaning. This style of replacement slider window will make maintenance much easier.

Homeowners should consider replacement slider windows when looking into window replacements. This exterior home improvement project is an investment that can improve both the curb appeal, interior design, and energy efficiency of your home. Slider windows are easy to use, provide beautiful views with tons of natural light, and are low maintenance overall. Contact Armorvue Home Exteriors to set up a virtual appointment to talk about replacing those old, worn out windows in your home. With over 75 years of combined experience, you can trust the quality and expert installation we provide to our community.


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