Replace Your Windows with Larger Ones

If your home is in need of new windows, there’s no better time than the present to splurge.

While increasing the size of your home’s windows is possible, changing a window opening is a complex task and requires master skills. Window resizing is much more complicated than a replacement, as you aren’t just removing and replacing the window.  To do it right, you’ll be expanding the opening in the wall or adding framing to shrink the existing opening. It’s crucial that you hire a professional window installation company with the right skills and expertise to properly and safely perform the job.

Large backyard deck with large windows overlooking the backyard.

If you’re still undecided about whether or not larger windows are worth the investment, here are a few benefits of having bigger windows:

They Increase the Value of Your Home

While new windows are a significant investment, they also provide big payoffs, such as increasing the value of your home. Even if you don’t plan on selling soon, adding to the value of your home is always a smart decision.

They Allow More Ventilation

Larger windows mean more ventilation in your home. Let the air flow freely with big, beautiful windows you can open in the warmer months to let in plenty of fresh air. Windows today come in a variety of options, including controllable ventilation, allowing you to decide how much, or little air flow to let in.

They Provide Stunning Views

Bigger windows make way for more impressive, unobstructed views of the great outdoors. If you’re tired of peering out of dark, dinky windows, wait until you see how dreamy the views are from the inside of your new and improved, expanded ones.

They Keep Your Home Comfortable

New windows improve the overall comfort of your home. Help reduce cold drafts and hot spots in your home with energy efficient, well-sealed windows. New windows that are properly installed by a professional form a tight seal with your home to prevent air leaks. Updated windows can help keep climate-controlled air in, making your living space more comfortable on a daily basis. In addition, energy efficient windows also help lower your energy costs.

They Enhance Curb Appeal

New windows can dramatically boost the curb appeal of your home, both inside and out. Improve the aesthetics of your home with a modern black exterior window finish, or make a colorful, bold statement with vibrant exterior cladding. Whatever style strikes your fancy, new windows are sure to please any homeowner in a big way.

They Bring in Loads of Natural Light

The most popular, undisputed reasons for opting for larger windows, is they bring in more natural light. Exposure to natural light works wonders when it comes to improving physical and mental health. Plus, studies have suggested that natural light is less stressful on your eyes than artificial light. Maximize the sunlight in your home by making your home more cozy and welcoming.

Larger Windows for the Win

Purchasing new windows is a significant investment, and it’s not something that homeowners do very often. This might very well be your one and only opportunity to get the larger windows you are wanting. Contact your local, trusted window experts at Armorvue Home Exteriors and speak to one of our window professionals today. We’d love to help make your dreams of bigger windows a reality. Let’s set up a virtual appointment today!


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