Home Exteriors Ohio: Draft Door (and Window) Replacement

Your home’s front door plays an important part in protecting your living space against the cold air, snow, wind gusts, sleet and other inclement weather. If your draft door and/or windows allow air inside, your living space will be less comfortable and also less secure. Add in the fact that your home heating bills will soar and there is even more reason to consider draft door and drafty replacement windows.

Winterize Your Doors and Windows

The winterization of your home’s doors and the sealing of leaks makes it that much easier to maintain the optimal temperature and comfort. Home door winterization also reduces energy costs. In fact, the United States Department of Energy states upwards of nearly one-third of home energy use is wasted as a result of poorly-sealed doors and windows.

Though you can seal old and compromised doors and windows, it might make more sense to replace storm doors and windows altogether. Have these essential lines of defense replaced with new replacement doors/windows and you’ll rest easy knowing you’ve done your part to prevent the harsh outdoor weather from moving inside. Replacement windows will keep you nice and toasty throughout the winter and also provide an invaluable peace of mind.

Replacement windows and doors are an important second layer of defense. These formidable barriers hold steady, providing protection even during inclement weather. Drafty replacement windows also implement a new layer of insulation that keeps the cold winter air outside and the warm air from your home furnace inside where it belongs. The end result is more comfort and a considerable cost-savings on utilities.

Check the Structural Integrity of the Frame

You can gauge the strength and integrity of your doors and windows by analyzing the frame. If the frame is warped, bowed, cracked or otherwise compromised, replacement or repair will be necessary. The bottom line is the frame is just as important as the door or window as it can permit cold air, precipitation and even small bugs to move inward.
If you can slide a piece of paper between the wall and the frame, it is an indication that you need to take action in the form of draft door and/or window replacement to keep your home warm and protected. So don’t assume caulk or weatherstripping will get the job done. If you can slip a piece of paper in this space or if there is any visible damage, be proactive by having our team install a new draft door and/or window.

Sweat the Small Stuff of Your Doors and Windows

A superficial once-over of your storm door and windows will not suffice. A close inspection is necessary to identify gaps along the top, bottom and sides of the door. If there are any such gaps, take action with the installation of a new draft door or window.
Though you can partially remedy leaks with weatherstripping, caulk and other solutions, those are only temporary safeguards. When in doubt, opt for a lasting solution in the form of a new draft door and you’ll rest easy in the years ahead knowing repairs and maintenance won’t be necessary to keep the interior of your home warm and protected against winter’s wrath.


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