9 Signs It is Time for Roof Replacement

Your home’s roof is its most important protective barrier against the elements. If you suspect or know the time is right to replace your home’s roof, lean on ARMORVUE to get the job done right. Our roof experts are here to help you determine if you actually need a new roof and perform the replacement the right way on the first try. Here’s a quick look at the top signs that indicate the time is right for a new roof.

Granules by the Downspouts

If you notice granules near the downspouts, it is an indication the shingles have lost their protective coating. Shingles gradually shed granules yet excessive shedding is problematic as it leads to blistering and cracking.

Curled Shingle Edges

Shingle edges that have become curled and shingle tabs that have become cupped are both legitimate reasons to opt for roof replacement.

Missing Granules

Take a look at your roof’s shingles at least once per year. If you find bald spots, it is a clear sign that granules are missing, meaning the time is right for roof replacement.

Visible Wear and Tear

A roof that looks old is problematic for reasons beyond diminished aesthetics. A worn roof will eventually decline in functionality, meaning it is better to be safe rather than sorry by opting for prompt roof replacement.

Dark Streaks on the Roof

Those dark streaks on your roof are likely the result of algae. Though algae might not compromise roof shingles in terms of functionality in the short-term, this substance is a legitimate long-term threat. Furthermore, algae makes your roof and your home look ugly. Opt for roof replacement sooner rather than later and your home will be that much more visually striking.

Insufficient Ventilation

A roof that is not properly ventilated will age that much faster. Roof shingles are more likely to age faster than they should unless they receive the proper airflow and maintenance. If ventilation issues are present, opt for roof replacement and you’ll sleep soundly with a new roof is over your head.

The Roof is 20 Years Old

A roof that hits year 20 is a roof in need of replacement. The vast majority of roof shingles will not last beyond the two-decade mark.

Damage From Storms

Roof damage stemming from hailstorms or windstorms is cause for concern. The older the roof is, the more likely it is to endure damage from hail, wind and other inclement weather. Whether your roof has missing shingles, creased shingles, bruising from hail or other damage resulting from a storm, it is in your interest to have it replaced as soon as possible.

The Neighbors are Getting a new Roof

If homeowners on your block are getting their roofs replaced and those houses were built in the same year or around the same time as yours, you should also consider roof replacement.

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