6 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Buying New Windows

If you’re considering purchasing new windows for your home, you’re not alone. A window replacement is one of the most popular home improvement projects and for good reason! New windows yield homeowners with one of the highest ROIs (return on investment) making a window replacement a smart and savvy investment in your home. There are several benefits associated with replacing older windows, including improved energy efficiency, boosted curb appeal, and increased property value.

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While buying new windows is a smart decision, it’s essential to avoid these common mistakes:

1. Attempting to Do it Yourself

A window replacement is a big job and one that requires a skilled professional. Failure to perform the job correctly can have serious consequences, including voiding manufacturer’s warranties, reducing your home’s energy efficiency, damaging your window openings, risking your safety, and more. Instead of attempting to DIY, it’s best to rely on professional window installers who are highly trained, skilled, and experienced. This will also ensure that your new windows perform as they should, complete with a manufacturer’s warranty.

2. Choosing the Lowest Priced Option

It’s natural to want to save money on the cost of new windows, but it shouldn’t be the sole reason behind your purchase or who you choose to install them. Remember you get what you pay for and cheaper windows won’t last as long and you’ll end up having to replace them sooner than quality windows. New windows are an investment, so make sure to invest your money wisely. The ROI on window replacement is higher than average, so it should help to know that you’ll increase your property value and improve your home’s energy efficiency, saving you money in the long run. But quality matters with windows-and that includes the materials AND the installation service.

3. Sticking with the Same Window Type

If you’ve never purchased new windows before, it might be tempting to just replace the existing windows with the same product. However, it’s likely been several years since the original windows were purchased, and new models and technologies have emerged. Before settling on the same window type or brand, it’s worth exploring all of your options to ensure that you’re choosing the best windows for your home with the features you really want within your budget.

4. Overlooking Your Home’s Design

A window that looks stylish in the store might not look the same in your home. The aesthetic matchup is a big factor when it comes to curb appeal and the resale value of your home. Now is the perfect opportunity to switch things up, so if there is anything you dislike about your current windows, it’s best to invest in the features you want now versus having to spend more money to get what you want later.

5. Not Considering Your Location

Many homeowners don’t realize that some window materials don’t perform as well in certain regions as they do in others. For example, in locations where humidity and moisture are high, wood windows would not be the best choice as they may warp in the heat.

If you’re unsure which window materials are the best for your home, speak to your local window professional for guidance. They’ll help you select new windows that will last in your geographic location, and they can provide a ton of valuable information about window installation and windows.

6. Choosing an Inexperienced Contractor

Much like attempting to DIY, hiring an inexperienced contractor to perform the job is never recommended. Instead, look to your local, trusted window professionals who know how to perform the job safely and efficiently.

If you’re in need of new windows, or have any window related questions or needs, call your established and reputable window professionals at Armorvue Home Exteriors today. We’ve been installing new windows for over 75 years, and we’re proud of our local reputation for providing excellent customer service and high quality products to make homes in this community look their best. Contact us today for a virtual appointment.


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