Don’t Let Winter Deter Your Window Installation Project

That cold draft seeping into your home is a reminder that it’s time to replace your windows.  But is wintertime too late to begin your new window installation project?  The answer may surprise you. 

Benefits of window replacement in the winter

Despite Ohio’s bitterly cold winters, ARMORVUE Home Exterior installers are on the job replacing or adding windows to homes throughout the winter months. While it may not seem like the ideal time for this type of home improvement project, replacing windows during the winter offers benefits to both the contractor and homeowner.

A major advantage to having windows replaced during the winter is that a tight seal and proper positioning to prevent cold air infiltration is immediately verified. A proper seal is essential to your home’s energy efficiency and reduces your heating costs. Windows and surrounding frames are comparatively drier in warmer months, presenting a greater challenge to identify leaks and other issues during the replacement process.  

ARMORVUE Home Exteriors will schedule your window replacement around weather issues

When scheduling window installations during the winter, we always strive to avoid days when extreme wind chills or winter storms are expected. You can rest assured that our team will always coordinate a time that ensures your home’s window installation will proceed as efficiently as possible.  

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ARMORVUE Home Exteriors offers quality window installation services that protect your home from the elements while improving your energy efficiency. We use only top-of-the-line materials and our team of experienced professionals will make sure the job is done right. Our windows, doors, siding and roofing experts are a call away. Reach out to ARMORVUE today to find out more about our windows. Call us today at 440-683-6950 (Cleveland) or 419-374-9638 (Toledo) to schedule an in-person estimate or a showroom appointment, and get a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate.


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