Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal with Detailed Siding

Life’s all about first impressions, which is true for people and homes. Curb appeal is the positive physical appearance of your home from the street. Your home’s curb appeal boosts its appearance and value. Siding is one of the most important features of your exterior and it’s essential to choose it wisely because it enhances your home’s value and beauty.

However, most homeowners may be reluctant to spend on new siding until their home’s current siding is too damaged for repairs. It is still in your best interest to install new siding as soon as possible, even if elements haven’t damaged the siding of your house. Here’s how siding enhances your home’s curb appeal and adds value.

How Siding Improves Your Home’s Value

Installing new siding brings out the finest in your house’s exterior. High-quality house siding improves your home’s curb appeal and gives you a more incredible feeling of pride in your living space.

New siding improves your home’s resale value making it easier to sell your home for a higher market price. Remember that even if you place your house on the market for long, the new siding will last for decades, making it easier to maximize its value.

Signs That Show It’s Time to Replace Your Siding

Faded siding can be unappealing and dull the home’s curb appeal. While fading doesn’t always indicate that you should replace your siding immediately, it can be a great time to consider other options.

Siding that is buckled, cracked, sagging, or warped may detract from the appearance of your house and may indicate that it is not fulfilling its duty of protecting your home.

Blistering siding is a vital sign to repair or refinish before the damage worsens. The long-term solution is replacing your siding with a more durable material like ARMORVUE’s Premium Vinyl Siding which is backed up with a lifetime limited warranty.

Siding Design Ideas for Exceptional Curb Appeal

Siding design ideas include not just the cladding material but also the characteristics surrounding it, including trim, landscaping, and other external materials. Here are our top siding design recommendations for a gleaming exterior.

Contrast Colors

Consider your exterior colors, from your roof and shutters to your garage and front doors, when selecting your siding’s color. While delicate color palettes have been popular in home design for many years, homeowners increasingly favor more dramatic and dynamic color combinations. If you want various siding colors, ARMORVUE offers 28 colors of siding that allow you to match your house design for maximum appeal.

Architectural Eyeliner

While landscaping is vital, ensure you do not allow it to overpower your home’s design, such as your magnificent siding. A lush grass, a few rose bushes, and some discreet vines can highlight the uniqueness of your property.

Mind Your Landscaping

Not only should your siding match the features of your house, but it should also complement the surrounding aspects, especially your landscape. Ensure your exterior blends with the landscape can give your home’s curb a more harmonious appearance.

Mix Elements & Siding Styles

If you want your home to become visually breathtaking, mixing multiple elements and styles will improve its beauty. For example, you can choose vertical siding below the windows and horizontal siding for the main exterior cladding. Keeping these varied materials in the same color scheme will guarantee your house’s beauty.

Enhance Your Curb Appeal with ARMORVUE Home Exteriors

Your home’s curb appeal enhances its appearance, protects it from pests, and improves its resale value. If you want to install new siding that will make your home appealing, check out ARMORVUE’s Premium Vinyl Siding. It offers durability, moisture resistance, sustainability and comes in various colors allowing you to match the design of your house for maximum curb appeal. Contact us today and get started with a free in-home estimate or visit our Showroom.



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