Do I Have to Replace all My Windows at Once?

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When installing replacement windows, you may wonder about replacing only a few windows, rather than installing replacement windows all at once. The average cost to replace windows can be a significant investment, and many homeowners are looking for ways to make the process as budget friendly as possible.

Installing Replacement Windows – the Advantage to Replacing All

Updating every window in the house is a big investment but can be a very impactful project to take on. Energy efficiency, aesthetics, and window function can all be improved in a noticeable way. When only replacing a few windows, there will be a less noticeable difference in energy efficiency, and the house may look “mis-matched”. Replacing all windows creates a consistent style that can enhance curb appeal. And although it may seem like there are only a few windows with issues, if the windows are all the same age, it’s likely there are more that need to be addressed.

Installing Replacement Windows – the Advantage to Replacing Only a Few

Most people who look at replacing only a few windows is most likely due to a damage issue that needs to be addressed. If there is a window that is an obvious eyesore, replacing that one window can make a big difference in the aesthetics of the home. And if there is one window that is an obvious issue with energy efficiency (a warped seal, rotting frame, or cracked glass), installing replacement windows for only the flawed windows can fix issues without a significant outlay of money. When it’s just one or two windows causing you problems, replacing just those makes sense.

Considering the Average Cost to Replace Windows

The average cost to replace windows is typically several hundred dollars per window, depending on materials and style. This can make the project to install replacement windows for the whole house a significant investment. If funds are tight, it may make more financial sense to replace only the most worn out windows at first. If you have more resources available, it makes more sense to replace all the windows at once. A whole-home replacement may be a bigger investment, but you can improve the aesthetics and the energy efficiency all at once, which will be a more noticeable difference. It also may be possible to get a better deal from an installer when doing the full window replacement project at one time.

When making a decision about installing replacement windows, it’s best to talk to an expert. We can help you consider the average cost of replacement windows against your budget, and help you decide which windows are the best choice for your home. Contact us today for a virtual appointment to talk about new windows for your home today!


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