How Much Does it Cost to Replace Windows in a House?

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Replacing the windows in a home is a big decision for any homeowner, especially since a vast majority of homeowners end up having to replace them, rather than wanting to. It’s only natural for customers to want to select the cheapest option possible for an unexpected repair or replacement, but the cheapest isn’t likely the best option when we’re talking about replacement windows.

Attempting to determine the average cost of new windows on your own can be a bit tricky since there are multiple factors that can affect the price. These factors include the window sizes, number of windows needed, style, and quality.

The national average cost of new windows is approximately $500 per window, so depending on the number of replacement windows needed, it’s easy to see how quickly the cost of this investment can add up.

Replacement Windows Based on Material

Depending on the type of material you choose, you can spend anywhere from $75 to $1500 on a new window with additional labor costs.

  • Vinyl-$100-$900
  • Wood-$150-$1300
  • Fiberglass-$500-$1500
  • Aluminum-$75-$400
  • Composite-$300-$1200

Replacement Windows Based on Style

The average cost of new windows based on the type or style you choose will cost approximately $75 to $1400 in addition to labor costs. Before purchasing new windows, it’s important to ensure that you select the correct size, function, and look that you’re going for.

  • Double-Hung-$150-$650
  • Picture-$300-$1200
  • Casement-$200-$1400
  • Slider-$150-$800
  • Custom-$1000+
  • Bay and Bow-$1000-4500

Additional Features and Factors That Determine Price


Custom work is always going to cost more than your standard window replacements and typically start at $1000. Custom sizes and installation are much more common in older homes, before standard opening sizes were used.

Energy Efficient

Generally the more you pay per window, the more energy efficient they are. Energy efficient windows start with standard double-pane varieties with an energy star rating and go up to triple-pane, high energy efficiency types with a low-e coating. Low-e coatings can add 10-15% to the price but they are a great option for the environmentally conscious homeowner, and they will save you some money on your energy bills, too.

Older Homes

Window replacements in homes older than 70 years can increase the cost as older homes come with a unique set of challenges, such as trying to make custom pieces to fit non standard sizes, trying to match historical architectural, removing counterweights, upgrading to current code standards, and filling empty areas with insulation.

Other Costs

In addition to labor and material price, there may be other factors that will increase the cost, such as needing to alter an existing frame, double or triple glazed, insulating gases in double or triple glazed, exterior dressing or decorative awnings, remoteness of job location, time demands on contractor or installers, and unforeseen structural.

How to Pick the Right Windows for Your Home

While many replacement windows may look the same, there is a big difference between products, especially when it comes to quality and performance. That’s why it’s so important for the homeowner to select the right product for their home.

Follow these steps to ensure you’re selecting the proper windows for your home:

  1. Choose a window style.
  2. Choose a frame material.
  3. Choose a glass package.
  4. Choose custom replacement windows.
  5. Work with an established window company. (local is highly recommended)

A window replacement should be viewed as an investment that you will only have to do once, so it’s very important that you take your time when hiring an experienced, reputable, quality installation company to ensure that the job is done properly and you are happy with the end result. We’re proud to be a part of this community and with over 75 years of home improvement experience, we are a local company you can count on to get the job done right the first time. Contact Armorvue Home Exteriors today to schedule a virtual appointment with our installation experts! It’s a great time to make some improvements to your home, and some new windows will really spruce up the place. Let’s talk soon.


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