Choosing a New Front Door that Matches Your Architecture

When choosing a new entry door, you may begin your search by looking at homes you pass in your daily travels. Maybe you’ve always admired a friend’s door and you are hoping to mimic that style in your own home. However, if you don’t match your new entry door to the architecture of your home, the effect may not be what you hope. It’s important to choose a new entry door that matches your home’s style and architecture.

Home facade with glass paned front door and furniture on the concrete porch.

Why Is It Important to Match the Style of My Home with a New Entry Door?

Your entry door is one of the details that distinguishes the style of your home. When your new entry door doesn’t match the style of your home, it can be jarring to any who see it and can give the impression that something is amiss. Matching the style of your home creates an overall picture and impression of your home, and when you choose correctly, the effect will greatly enhance the curb appeal of your home.

Queen Anne Style Entry Doors

Queen Anne style doors work best in Victorian style homes. They typically have a single pane of glass in the top of the door and elaborate carvings and moldings on a wooden (or material mimicking wood) door. A door flanked by sidelights works well with a Victorian style home, too.

Craftsman Style Entry Doors

Craftsman style doors are usually simpler and flatter than the more elaborate styles used for Victorian homes. Slab doors work well and will usually have flat, rectangular panels on the bottom of the door, but may have elaborate glass lights at the top.

Ranch Style Entry Doors

Ranch style doors work well with contemporary and mid-century homes. Glass and wood panels may alternate with clean lines. Contemporary homes work well with simple, clean doors.

Tudor Style Entry Doors

Tudor homes require a very specific style of door to match the architecture of these Renaissance adaptations. The arch of the door and the board and batten style are both crucial to keeping the style of this home authentic.

Cape Cod Style Entry Doors

Cape Cod style entry doors work well with traditional Cape Cod style homes. Usually, these doors will have four raised panels and upper windows. Keeping the style of the door can allow homeowners to be free to explore colors to allow their home to stand out.

Colonial Style Entry Doors

Colonial homes work best with some formality in the entry door. These doors are usually symmetrical with flanking sidelights and plenty of detail and elegance in the glass. Double doors work well with colonial style homes.

Other Considerations

Once you’ve decided on the style, you’ll have more choices to make for your new entry door. Color, material, and glass are more options you’ll look at it once you know the style that is right for your home. Although some homes work best with a traditional wooden look, there are many materials that can mimic the look of wood with the maintenance ease of fiberglass.

When a door is the right style for your home, you will know it. The door will blend into the exterior of your home and enhance your curb appeal. Having a professional to help guide you toward the right new entry door for your home can make a big difference. We’re here to help. We’re setting up virtual appointments, so contact Armorvue Home Exteriors today for more details about our quality products and expert installation services. We know how important your home is, and we want to help protect it by guiding you through sound investments in exterior upgrades that will look great, give you the most out of your investment, and give you an ROI you can smile about.


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