Choosing a DIY Window Installation Isn’t the Best Choice

The internet, along with popular television shows focusing on home renovations make some people feel like they can do almost any home improvement project on their own. However, just because you can, doesn’t always mean that you should. This is especially true with new window installation. Windows are a significant investment and the installation process is a lot more complicated than it may seem, making this a project better left to the professionals.

Professional installing a new window in a home.

It Could Decrease the Energy Efficiency

The performance of your new windows greatly depends on a proper and precise installation. You could end up with leaky, ill-fitting windows that negatively affect the energy efficiency of your home; the exact opposite of what you hope to accomplish with new windows. If your new windows aren’t installed correctly, you could be looking at increased heating and cooling costs, as well as a decrease in the comfort levels throughout your home.

It’s a Time-Consuming Project

If you’re only replacing one window, it may be possible to finish the job in a reasonable amount of time. But one of the most overlooked issues with DIY window installation is the amount of time it takes to complete the job. Proper installation can be a long, drawn out process, and if you uncover hidden issues you didn’t expect, the job will take even more time to complete. Many busy homeowners underestimate the time commitment required to adequately pull off a window installation and end up getting in over their heads.

It Could Negatively Affect Curb Appeal

One of the big benefits to new windows is an increase in curb appeal, but if you DIY, you run the risk of negatively affecting curb appeal. Inexperience may lead to sloppiness, which includes issues such as messy or incomplete caulking, compromised seals, or uneven framing.

It Could Pose Serious Risk of Injury

Handling glass is risky enough, but add in handling bulky, heavy pieces of glass, and the risk of serious injury greatly multiplies. This is especially the case if you have children or pets who can become gravely injured by a broken piece of glass. Window installation requires heavy lifting, and installers are properly trained and equipped with the necessary safety equipment and tools for the job that most homeowners don’t have lying around.

It Could Void the Warranty

No matter which installation method you choose, new windows should come with a warranty. Product warranties protect you from manufacturer’s defects, but when you invest in new windows, you want to have warranties on both the windows and the installation service. If you decide to DIY, you may not get the full product warranty as advertised because some manufacturers adjust the warranty for windows not installed by a certified installer. In some cases, DIY may actually void out the warranty altogether, putting you in a negative position, and honestly-it’s just not worth the risk.

Conclusion: Leave This Job to the Pros!

Choosing a quality window company provides greater reliability and satisfaction with your new windows. While there are many fun and exciting DIY projects to tackle around the house, window installation is one that is far too risky to leave to those who lack the professional skills and training. Call Armorvue Home Exteriors today to ensure that your new windows are expertly installed efficiently and professionally.


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